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Azteca Systems CTO to Present at UIM Asset Management Conference

Matt Ball on November 20, 2012 - in Corporate, Water

Azteca Systems Inc. Chief Technology Officer, Carl Horton, Ph.D, will be featured at the 12th Annual UIM Asset Management Conference, November 28 – 29 2012 at the Virginia Tech Research Center, Arlington, VA. Dr. Horton will be discussing the transformation of maintenance management into asset management.

The UIM Asset Management Conference features educational presentations designed specifically for water and wastewater executives, addressing the top industry concerns. This 12th annual symposium focuses on Transforming the Culture of Water Infrastructure Management, with an array of presentations on topics such as green infrastructure initiatives, financial strategies, utility case studies, and legal issues. Dr. Horton will address how GIS and maintenance related data have combined to transform asset management through mobile inspection forms, geographic heat maps, descriptive spatial reporting, and so on.

“Managing water infrastructure encompasses an array of procedures, processes and patterns,” said Carl Horton, CTO and cofounder of Azteca Systems Inc. “Long governed by deeply rooted behavior, there is as much a need as there is desire to transform these cultural practices. Technology plays a significant role in helping utility managers understand and mitigate legal issues, improve operational efficiencies and affect environmentally sound initiatives, and I believe it will continue to be the catalyst that guides this transformation.”

Dr. Horton is one of the company founders and primary architect of Cityworks, the company’s genuine and proven asset management solution. A member of the Board of Directors and Executive Management team, he is responsible for product management, strategic development, and research. Dr. Horton is currently focused on innovative data intelligence techniques, mining maintenance records to support future management plans. In addition, he and his team are focused on easily deployable cloud-based asset management systems and providing powerful GIS-centric capabilities to field staff using small footprint devices. Prior to Azteca Systems, Dr. Horton was on the faculty of the University of Utah and University of South Carolina, and was a senior researcher at the South Florida Water Management District. He earned graduate degrees from Brigham Young University and the University of Utah.

About Azteca Systems Inc.
Since 1986, Azteca Systems Inc. has been providing innovative GIS-centric Management Solutions to agencies that own and care for critical infrastructure, capital assets, and property. Built exclusively on Esri’s ArcGIS technology, Cityworks is a powerful, scalable, and affordable solution for asset management, permitting and licensing. Time-tested and proven technology, Cityworks is Empowering GIS™ at more than 450 user sites around the world.

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