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Florida Utility to Implement Smart GIS-centric Stormwater Modeling

Matt Ball on May 8, 2012 - in Maintenance, Modeling, Projects, Stormwater, Water

Fort Walton Beach, FL, has selected InfoSWMM from Innovyze to meet its stormwater network modeling requirements, giving the city access to an advanced and comprehensive ArcGIS-integrated stormwater modeling and management application.

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The Fort Walton Beach Engineering & Utility Services Department manages multiple divisions within the City, including: Water Operations, Sewer Operations, Water Distribution, Sewer Collections, Stormwater Management, and Environmental Programs. The Stormwater Management group maintains thirty-five (35) miles of storm drains, eleven (11) retention ponds, and over 1,300 curb and surface inlets. The division also utilizes closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection techniques to inspect and maintain its stormwater system.

“Adopting leading technology to optimize our system design and operation is critical to long term asset performance optimization,” said Engineering & Utility Services Director, Michael Beedie, P.E. “InfoSWMM does the best job of leveraging our existing GIS data and providing us with the unique combination of advanced hydraulic and hydrologic computations and ease-of-use.”

InfoSWMM reflects Innovyze’s ongoing commitment to delivering pioneering technology for the stormwater and wastewater industry. The full-featured InfoSWMM urban drainage network analysis and design program delivers unprecedented engineering productivity and is the only urban drainage modeling solution certified by the National Association of GIS-Centric Software (www.nagcs.com). It addresses all operations of a typical stormwater system — from analysis and design to management functions such as water quality assessment, pollution prediction, sediment transport, urban flooding, real-time control and record keeping — in a single, fully integrated geoengineering environment. The USEPA endorsed InfoSWMM’s powerful hydraulic computational engine and FEMA certified it.

Thanks to Innovyze’s responsive customer service, InfoSWMM continues to rapidly evolve with customers’ needs and is easier to use than ever before. The advanced technology behind the latest version includes scores of new, advanced features that make it easier, faster and less costly for organizations to develop better designs and operational improvements. These enhancements include easier transition between node surcharging and node flooding, stronger model validation that doesn’t interrupt simulation runs, greater RDII data compatibility, infiltration changes that allow the SWMM engine to behave more like TR-55 and TR-20, and the addition of default concentration for dry weather flow pollutants to enable more accurate water quality analysis.

“Fort Walton Beach has a complex stormwater system, requiring superior software tools to quickly and accurately build and analyze their hydraulic network models,” said Americas Operations Director J. Erick Heath, P.E. “InfoSWMM is a proven choice for utilities with these types of systems, enabling them to effectively design, operate and sustain safe and reliable drainage systems.”

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