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Ramboll Acquires Two German Onshore Wind Consultancies

Parul Dubey on August 16, 2016 - in Corporate, News

Positioning itself for the expanding onshore wind market, Ramboll has acquired BBB Umwelttechnik GmbH and CUBE Engineering GmbH. With BBB and CUBE’s 85 employees, Ramboll will have close to 350 experts providing consultancy services on wind energy globally.

Having been in the market for more than 20 years and supported the onshore wind energy industry during the period when onshore wind has developed from pilot and demonstration projects to large-scale commercial projects, both BBB and CUBE are strong players within the onshore wind business.

“Due to its availability across the world and its cost-effectiveness, global wind power is expected to grow at double digit percentage rates for the next 5 years,” says Managing Director of Ramboll Energy Thomas Rand and adds: “With the acquisition of BBB and CUBE, we will become a one-stop-shop player within onshore wind with a full-service offering within the value chain of wind energy projects and sufficient resources to take on large wind projects.”

With more than 65% of all offshore wind turbines rising from foundations designed by Ramboll, the Danish company is already the globally leading consultancy within offshore wind. With BBB and CUBE’s 85 employees working from five offices in Germany and a small office in Brazil, Ramboll has established a knowledge base of close to 350 experts providing consultancy services on offshore and onshore wind energy globally.

Large players

The onshore wind market in general is changing to a business of globally acting large-scale companies where utilities have become the new developers instead of farmers and smaller investors. As a consequence, also the consultancy business has changed to larger players, and there have been several mergers recently.

“In Ramboll, we have found a recognised partner, which allows us to apply our expertise to large-scale, international projects. We now have direct access to the booming onshore markets outside Europe and will establish a strong local presence,” says Gerhard Binotsch, part of BBB’s management team.

General Manager of CUBE Stefan Chun adds: “Due to our broad expertise we have been a demanded partner for national and international projects. In collaboration with Ramboll we will be able to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions – with increased resources and a local reach in many of the countries relevant for the sector.”

Strategic fit

The acquisition fits well with Ramboll’s strategy for growth in Germany. Ramboll has grown significantly in the past years in Germany, which now provides a presence within energy, transport, planning & urban design, water, environment & health, and management consulting with about 450 staff in total.

“BBB and CUBE have a strong client base and network particularly in Germany, where approx. 60% of their services are delivered, so with them onboard we will be able to further expand our position in Germany,” says Thomas Rand.

In addition, Ramboll will be able to accelerate its efforts into the renewable energy market within smart energy solutions and large and medium-sized solar PV plants, which is part of CUBE’s service portfolio.

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