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Cardno’s Leading Subsurface Utility Engineer to Explain Guidelines that Limit Project Delays

Parul Dubey on August 11, 2016 - in Announcement, Events

Cardno’s Jim Anspach, Director of Utility Market & Practice Development, will speak at this year’s Arizona American Public Works Association (APWA) Statewide Conference in Tucson, August 10-12.  Jim’s talk, “State of the Practice of (Subsurface) Utility Engineering,” will be presented on Thursday, August 11, at 2:30 pm.

Utilities are known to be among the most common sources of construction delays and increased project costs on transportation and public works projects.  Jim will explain how ASCE’s 2 standards on utility investigations work together to provide a complete and reliable picture of our utility infrastructure.  ASCE 38-02 Standard outlines methods of collecting and conveying utility information for existing underground and hidden-from-view utilities by assigning four “Quality Levels” (A, B, C, and D) to existing utilities represented on design plans.  ASCE’s newest pending Utility “As-Built” standard is the first national guidance to project owners on how to specify documenting new or exposed utilities on their projects through the concept of an “Accuracy Level.”

By using these Quality Levels and Accuracy Levels, engineers and project owners can certify on their plans the level of certainty and comprehensiveness of utility information is being provided. Subsurface utility engineering (SUE) is a recognized, widely endorsed discipline of civil engineering that combines geophysics, surveying, and civil engineering throughout project delivery to reduce or eliminate design and construction delays and their associated costs.  It has become the standard of care in managing utility risks associated with civil design and construction projects in most of the United States and is an emerging standard of care in Canada, Australia, Ecuador, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom.
Jim has 38 years of experience as a project consultant, educator, researcher, and expert witness.  He led the development of ASCE’s “Standard Guideline for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data” and oversees the “As-Built” standard.  He has served as Principal-in-Responsible Charge of thousands of utility mapping and coordination projects and the Principal Investigator/Investigator for eight National Academy of Science Research Projects.  He holds several awards for Excellence from Federal Highway Administration and the Secretary of Transportation for utility engineering and damage prevention. He is a founding Governor of ASCE’s newest Institute, the Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute.

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