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Hatch Sets Out Global Strategy to Deliver More Innovative Solutions

Parul Dubey on August 8, 2016 - in Corporate, News

Toronto, ON —At a recent global meeting of employees, Hatch CEO John Bianchini outlined the company’s strategic direction and described how Hatch is emerging stronger since announcing a New Era earlier this year. Bianchini was joined by Hatch Board members responsible for leading the firm’s mining and metals, infrastructure, and energy sectors.

Bianchini explained how the rapidly changing needs of clients and volatile market conditions are driving a company-wide response. “There’s great momentum across Hatch to build on our culture of innovation and technical excellence, and deliver better ideas and outcomes for our clients,” said Bianchini. “Our globally connected teams are collaborating together to add value, solve the toughest challenges, and help our clients emerge stronger.”

Hatch is pursuing an accelerated growth strategy in the U.S. across all three sectors, while expanding strategically to regions and industries that will benefit from the company’s differentiated services and expertise. Hatch is also expanding its global network of centres of excellence and opening new offices in Mexico, Colombia and Botswana, as well as several new U.S. locations.

Mining and Metals

Recognizing Hatch’s strong future in the mining and metals sector, Hatch’s experts are providing greater support to clients as they face new, never-before-seen challenges. The company’s comprehensive response involves delivering disruptive technologies and enhanced operational support to improve efficiencies and achieve operational excellence. Hatch’s reinvigorated operational support models and project lifecycle approach build on a 60-year tradition of client partnerships and alliances. Today, following a decade of new project development, end of mine closure planning, tailings containment and sustainability have emerged as key industry priorities.


  • As a technology integrator, Hatch is enhancing its efforts to develop and deliver highly differentiated technology packages that solve problems, create value and help build the modern mines of the future.
  •  Hatch is combining digital services with its specialist process knowledge to achieve better business results for clients.
  • In the metals industry, Hatch’s furnace, tube digestion and autoclave technologies will continue to be the dominant industry standard globally.


Hatch is now a wholly-owned and truly global infrastructure business, positioned to meet growing demand for smarter infrastructure solutions. The company recently added nearly 1,000 staff in North America, bringing an unprecedented depth of expertise in engineering, commercial, construction, and technical know-how to meet the most complex infrastructure challenges anywhere in the world. Hatch’s infrastructure business is significantly expanding its presence in the U.S. market to better serve clients, opening new office hubs in New York, Texas, California, and Florida, with plans for further expansion in the coming months.


  • Reflecting the more complex nature of infrastructure projects today, Hatch’s infrastructure business is now organized based on three platforms: Urban Solutions, Transportation and Logistics, and Water and the Natural Environment.
  • Hatch’s planning and advisory services specialize in alternative delivery and funding models to help clients manage and minimize project delivery risk and achieve better outcomes.


Hatch’s energy business is well-positioned to optimize energy and power solutions for industries and communities. Going forward, energy teams will enhance support to the oil and gas and LNG markets, with a specific focus on gas monetization and carbon emission reduction. In the power sector, Hatch is enhancing its focus on renewables, led by solar, wind and energy storage, and pursuing new applications for Hatch’s microgrid controller technology.


  • Building on tradition of award-winning hydropower project delivery, Hatch’s energy team will continue to provide innovative solutions to the world’s hydro power industry.
  • As a top service provider to the nuclear industry, Hatch is supporting a resurgence in nuclear as a reliable, economical, carbon-free electricity source.
  • Hatch is also advancing the commercialization of Nsolv, an in-situ clean oil extraction technology that uses no water and produces 75 percent less carbon than traditional extraction methods. Considering the all-in costs of production, Nsolv is expected to produce a barrel of oil at a $20 lower cost.

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