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Australian Water Survey Launched

Parul Dubey on July 21, 2016 - in Water

The Australian Water Association in partnership with Arup has launched the Australian Water Survey to investigate and compare attitudes to water use and security among water industry professionals and the Australian community.
“For many Australians, water is only a topic talked about during a drought or a flood. It’s usually something only brought up in conversation when water is contaminated or supply is low. Water is something we use every single day for many aspects of our lives, so why don’t we think about the importance of it more often? How confident can we be that all Australians will have water security in the future and how confident can the community be that the government will ensure water security for all Australians in the future?”

– Jonathan McKeown, CEO, Australian Water Association

The Australian Water Survey has two streams of questions: one for consumers and one for people within the water industry.

The survey results will provide insights into community attitudes on water and the final report findings will be released in October at the IWA World Water Congress in Brisbane.

The results of the survey will also be used to inform the Association’s Water Security Scorecard due for release in May 2017 at Ozwater’17.
“Water is a major driver of our nation’s life and prosperity, and the Australian community and its leaders can’t afford to be complacent about water security for urban, regional, rural or remote communities. A national conversation is needed on water security, and we hope this survey and its results will help raise the importance of water to all Australians.”

– Jonathan McKeown, CEO, Australian Water Association

Australasia Water Leader at Arup, Daniel Lambert said the survey results will collectively offer a better understanding of both the community and industry’s views on how we can better regulate and protect our most precious resource.
“Australia’s future prosperity is directly linked to how we manage water and how we secure sufficient water to meet the needs of our growing population, diversified industries, and the environment.”
– Daniel Lambert, CEO, Australian Water Association
“Engaging the community on key water issues and choices is vital to deliver the best customer outcomes. This survey will provide deep insight into the participants’ views about the key issues facing the sector and the current level of awareness about our most precious resource.”

The survey closes on 12 August, 2016.

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