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Future City Competition – 2016-2017 Announces Theme – The Power of Public Spaces

Parul Dubey on July 18, 2016 - in Announcement, Events, Land Development

Chicago – The 2016-2017 Future City Competition announces this year’s theme, “The Power of Public Spaces,” and asks the Nation’s sixth, seventh and eighth graders to envision urban public spaces of tomorrow. The Chicago Region-State of Illinois competition is open for school’s and organizations to register now. To register and for more information, visit: http://futurecity.org/illinois-chicago.


Public spaces have the capacity to revitalize a city’s economy by introducing new businesses and bringing in new visitors.  They can also help reduce crime, ease traffic congestion, improve pedestrian safety, promote healthy living, improve the environment, and enhance civic engagement. A recent study by the UN-Habitat’s Global Urban Observatories Unit found that cities that devoted about 50% of their space to public use tended to be more prosperous and have a higher quality of life.


Imagine what it would be like to walk down the main street of a city 100 years in the future. What would you hear, see, smell, and feel? How would the people who live in your future city describe it? What would make it futuristic and innovative?


The State of Illinois competition is celebrating its 24th Anniversary in 2016-17.  This year’s Future City Competition poses these questions and more as it asks middle school students to address The Power of Public Space and challenges them to design innovative, multiuse public spaces that serves a city’s diverse population. The regional competition will be held in early January. More details soon.


Working in a team with an educator and STEM mentor, students present their vision of the future through a virtual city design (using SimCity™ software); a 1,500 word city essay; a scale model of their city (built with recycled materials); and in a short presentation to a panel of STEM professionals. Winners represent their regions at the Finals in Washington, DC in February.


The deadline to register is October 31, 2016. Register today or learn more at http://futurecity.org/illinois-chicago.



Major funding for Future City comes from the Bechtel Corporation, Bentley Systems, Inc, and the Shell Oil Company. We are honored with regional funding from engineering firms and associations from HNTB, Golden Square, and many others.




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Future City® State of Illinois


The State of Illinois Future City Competition is celebrating its 24rd year as a regional group in the Future City Competition.® The regional competition is comprised of teams, schools, and professionals from Illinois and nearby Missouri. In addition to the actual competition, Annual Chicago Engineers Benefit Dinner showcases the top local teams and award winners. For more information about the State of Illinois Future City® competition, visit our website here or go to http://futurecity.org/illinois-chicago.


For more information contact:

Future City® Regional Coordinator

Don Wittmer, P.E., HNTB

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Future City®Regional Committee

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Future City® Grant Manager, Media and Communications

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