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AECOM Wins Platinum BIM Organizational Award from the Building & Construction Authority of Singapore

Matt Ball on July 8, 2016 - in Awards, Buildings, Corporate, Design/Engineering

SINGAPORE, July 6, 2016—As AECOM prepares to participate in the Singapore International Water Week from July 10 to 13, 2016 as one of its Founding Sponsors, it announced today that AECOM in Singapore recently received the platinum award in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) organization category at the 2016 Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Awards. The award recognizes AECOM for its organizational support of BIM activities in Singapore, where BIM use has been mandated on all public and large private projects since July 2015.

The Singapore BIM team works on design and construction projects in a wide variety of market sectors including road, rail, airports, town hubs, mixed development buildings, hospitals and schools, water infrastructure, water supply plants and networks. Some of the projects highlighted during the awards presentation included the team’s work using BIM to increase accuracy, efficiency and quality of the projects that will transform living and traveling in Singapore, including the Circle Line 6 project, a new transportation system that will increase the connectivity and capacity of Singapore’s mass rapid transit network, to Tampines Hub, the country’s first-ever integrated community and lifestyle hub.

Some key features that BCA highlighted in the award selection were AECOM’s extensive in-house training programs — from basic BIM awareness training to a continuous program of research and development — and its extensive use of BIM, including point cloud data survey, clash detection, visualization, 4D models showing time, 5D models showing cost, 6D models showing facilities management and models showing safety enhancement. The team was also recognized for its use of wide-ranging innovative solutions, such as utilizing an online collaboration platform, analysis tools, scripting tools for data management and virtual reality technology.

The AECOM Singapore BIM team leverages AECOM’s full resources to support high performance local BIM project delivery, which includes global BIM leaders meeting regularly with local teams to work together to define a path forward. John Kizior, AECOM global director of project technologies, stated, “This award highlights the importance of collaboration between AECOM’s BIM teams, and the benefits of applying global BIM support at every phase of the project in order to meet diverse regional requirements while ensuring global consistency.”

Sean Chiao, AECOM Asia Pacific President, said, “AECOM is a proponent of BIM because it supports us in delivering a better world. It is relevant to the myriad of projects that AECOM serves. In Asia Pacific, where much more infrastructure still needs to be provided, adoption of BIM both enhances project and national productivity, bringing benefits to all. Our programme at the upcoming Singapore International Water Week will share more insights into how BIM enhances the delivery of water and cities projects. ”

AECOM’s global BIM experience has developed through work on a number of pilot projects around the world, which framed the firm’s standard approach to BIM. AECOM is now positioned to lead the market in advanced BIM and is a major player in setting industry best practices. AECOM has received 15 BIM related awards since 2015, including two Bentley Systems “Be Inspired” awards and a GEO Smart India 2015 award.

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