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Mixing BIM and GIS for Architecture and Planning

Matt Ball on November 9, 2012 - in Modeling

Architects and planners work at two different scales and use two different sets of software. Architects use computer aided drafting (CAD) and Planners use geographic information systems (GIS). Architects are often drafting a single building on a site and planners are analyzing a block, neighborhood, city or region. It is not that often that a planner works at the level of a single building and it is just as rare to find an architect drafting a city. What if we could combine the work of architects and planners in GIS?

The points, lines, polygons and annotations of a GIS are not much different from those the architect draws in CAD. The major difference being that, in CAD, a line is just a line and based on its symbology we can identify it as a wall or contour line.

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