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Jeri Brittin Named Director of Research at HDR

Matt Ball on June 22, 2016 - in Design/Engineering, People

Dr. Jeri Brittin, a public health research scientist, has been named director of research in HDR’s Omaha office. Her research portfolio includes a focus on health and behavioral outcomes in school environments, as well as expertise on diverse community, healthcare and workplace projects.

“Jeri has been a key member of HDR’s research team for several years,” says Scott Foral, managing director of HDR consulting. “She is a natural leader with a proven track record and a great personality. We are excited to have her directing our multiple research initiatives.”

Among her many skillsets, Jeri is proficient in strategy development, research design, quantitative and qualitative analysis, systems science and methods and measurements. She is passionate about leveraging design to achieve strategic outcomes and measuring those outcomes in order to document change. “I love asking questions about the outcomes design can achieve and figuring out ways to answer those questions,” she says.

Combining a degree in design with a background encompassing industries such as technology, arts, financial services, academia, marketing and design, one of Jeri’s strong suits is the ability to think “big picture” while also diving into the details. She is compelled to bring science and design together, believing that each has much to offer the other.

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