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LiDAR USA Announces First Canadian ScanLook Sale

Matt Ball on November 4, 2012 - in Corporate, Modeling

Vieworx Geophoto, located in Alberta, Canada, received their first ScanLook system in late October. Training for indoor and outdoor scanning was completed over the course of just a few days.

Vieworx already has two other mobile systems mounted on trucks that are almost constantly operating. ScanLook will supplement these systems by being deployed in a variety of ways due to its high level of portability. It will be mounted on a variety of vehicles depending upon the job including a truck for survey grade road mapping, a boat for all riparian projects, and an aerial based system for low altitude work. Owning and operating three mobile mapping systems brings Vieworx to the “front of the class” in the commercial world of mobile mapping.

Daniel Fagerman, CTO of LiDAR USA, said he was pleased to see how quickly Vieworx was able to adapt a mount for ScanLook to one of their trucks. In about two hours, Vieworx had ScanLook mounted securely and ready for preliminary scanning. It was good to see ScanLook up and running in cold and snowy Alberta in such a short time, Fagerman added.

ScanLook is a multi-purpose scanning system allowing for static and mobile scanning in a very small footprint. Its small size and weight provide added flexibility for deployment on a variety of vehicles and in a multitude of projects otherwise not suited for a mobile mapping system. The entire system can be carried on an airplane as luggage making it possible to provide services anywhere in a very short time.

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