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Redi-Rock Wall Analysis Software Gets Updates

Matt Ball on June 8, 2016 - in Analysis, Design/Engineering, Products

Redi-Rock and Geo5 are pleased to announce the release of updates to the Redi-Rock Wall Analysis Software! These changes are part of the ongoing effort that keeps Redi-Rock Wall the best solution for designing gravity retaining walls, and they include:

  • An improved graphical user interface
  • Automatic notification of new versions
  • Simplified stone leveling pad input options
  • Changes to the surcharge and load input options

Redi-Rock Wall Analysis Software is an industry leading software package specifically created for Redi-Rock by the folks at Geo5 to analyze gravity walls and take full advantage of the multiple solutions provided by Redi-Rock. Some of the many features of the program allow the user to:

  • Perform sliding, overturning, and bearing capacity calculations in ASD or LRFD
  • Include multiple block widths and multiple setbacks in the same cross-section
  • Define block infill weight and block-to-block interface shear values
  • Include multiple soil layers in the same cross-section
  • Define multiple loading conditions
  • Perform seismic analysis
  • Perform hydrostatic analysis
  • Analyze bearing capacity of supporting soils using the Spread Footing module
  • Analyze global or overall stability of the wall and bank using the Slope Stability module

Existing software users can get the updates by running the “Update GEO5 for Redi” program that was installed with Redi-Rock Wall Analysis Software. New users, or folks who just can’t find the program update option, can simply complete the form here to download the program.

Our goal at Redi-Rock is to help provide engineers with tools so they can prepare quick, reliable, quality designs. Redi-Rock Wall is one of those tools. Seasoned wall designers and geotechnical engineers who like Redi-Rock Wall and are interested in seeing other offerings from our partner GEO5 are invited to visit theirwebsite. And as always, the engineering team here at Redi-Rock is happy to answer any technical questions about Redi-Rock retaining walls. We’d love to talk to you!

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