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New EarShot Communications Software Aimed at Crisis Management

Matt Ball on October 31, 2012 - in Corporate, Emergency

MissionMode Solutions is proud to announce EarShot, a new mobile crisis communications application that is the first to feature rich, two-way communications through multimedia and geographic location services. It gives organizations the ability to be more proactive in dealing with critical situations, which reduces the impact of crises. EarShot is also the only crisis communications app that works even when voice, SMS and email channels are not functioning.

Obtaining on-the-scene intelligence through EarShot enables organizations to quickly assign personnel to the right tasks and more effectively resolve the crisis. In many cases, having eyewitness information can prevent a situation from escalating into a crisis. According to the Institute for Crisis Management, 61% of crises start small and have the potential to be fixed before they escalate into a more serious situation.

“EarShot is the first application to give organizations a way to crowd-source on-the-scene crisis intelligence, using the eyes and ears of their staff to obtain crucial eyewitness information on a crisis, or discover a potential crisis in the early stages,” according to Malcolm Hafner, CEO of MissionMode Solutions.

EarShot is a unique combination of smart mobile app, web-hosted control console and mass notification system. It was developed in collaboration with leading companies and universities, which ensured that features would truly meet organizations’ needs.

With EarShot, organizations send and receive rich communications consisting of detailed messages, photos, forms, checklists, files and geographic location. Interactive messages are sent to app users, and real-time information is gathered from people on the scene.

Any type of file or link can be sent to the mobile app’s Resource Library, such as plans, maps and procedures. This equips people with the up-to-date information they need to respond properly.

In addition, traditional emergency notifications can be sent via voice, SMS text and email, which reaches landline phones, simple cell phones, computers, tablet computers, pagers and fax machines.

The online control console is a SaaS web-hosted application that runs on any Internet-enabled device, providing anytime, anywhere access. Staff members at any location can centrally coordinate communications, monitor activity, and get a real-time common view of what’s occurring.

Companies and universities use EarShot for communicating safety issues, suspicious activity, malfunctions, damage, crisis updates, field service data, and more. Using EarShot, they reduce the cost and impact of crises and minimize potential liabilities. Universities using EarShot are better equipped to comply with Clery Act regulations, which mandate procedures to follow in the event of a dangerous situation such as a shooter on campus.

“Most organizations face the challenge of doing more with scarce resources,” said Mike Mitchell, MissionMode Chief Operating Officer. “EarShot enables them to increase safety, security and situational awareness using the resources they have. According to Nielsen Research, the adoption rate for smartphones is three times that of social media, which makes mobile technology an ideal vehicle for enhancing crisis communication.”

EarShot can also integrate seamlessly with MissionMode’s web-hosted incident and crisis management software, the Situation Center—a capability not available from any other vendor. The Situation Center provides a way for teams to communicate internally and collaborate on the response to any type of disruption or crisis.

The software provides advantages for a wide range of business functions, including Business Continuity, Safety, Physical Security, Field Service, and Disaster Recovery.

More information about EarShot can be found at http://www.missionmode.com/earshot.

About EarShot

EarShot is a unique combination of smart mobile app, web-hosted control console and mass notification system. It is the first crisis communications application to feature detailed two-way messaging through smartphones and tablet computers. It is also the only crisis communications application that works even when voice, SMS and email channels are not functioning. Organizations use EarShot to obtain eyewitness intelligence at the scene, which reduces the impact of crises. For more information, visit http://www.missionmode.com/earshot.

About MissionMode

MissionMode Solutions, Inc. is a technology services provider dedicated to streamlining communications and facilitating team collaboration for crises and operational incidents. MissionMode’s unique emergency notification, incident management and crisis management applications reduce the time, cost and impact of crises, from routine disruptions to major disasters. MissionMode is a portfolio company of SilkRoad Equity LLC, which specializes in public safety technologies amongst other high growth sectors. For more information, visithttp://www.missionmode.com.

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