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Nevada Reaches Out to Communities with Transportation Alternative Program Project Funding

Matt Ball on May 27, 2016 - in Construction, Transportation

Carson City, Nev.—Nearly $8.7 million in federal transportation funds for projects that improve non-motorized mobility, historic preservation for transportation-related projects, scenic accessibility, safe routes to school and more are available as the Nevada Department of Transportation accepts applications for Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) projects through July 8.

Governmental agencies, tribal governments, school districts, private schools and non-profit organizations such as charter schools can sponsor TAP applications.  Each eligible application received will be evaluated with unique scoring and ranking criteria. Projects require minimum of 5 percent matching funds from the sponsor, and must be able to be cleared for notice to proceed with construction within approximately three years.

Under the program, there are two broad types of eligible activities: transportation infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects.  Examples of infrastructure activities include constructed improvements to improve traffic calming, accessibility to scenic areas, environmental management and more. Non-infrastructure projects include activities that improve the ability of kindergarten through eighth-grade students to bike or walk to and from school. TAP projects may be part of an existing planned project or a “stand alone” project and must be publicly accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Maximum infrastructure funding will be limited to $750,000 per project.  It is estimated that nearly $8.7 million will be available for these projects statewide over the next three years.

“TAP projects are meant to help communities create a unique identity and to foster an active, healthy lifestyle,” explains NDOT TAP program manager Coy Peacock.

For detailed information and applications, visit www.nevadadot.com/tap.

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