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The Harvard Office for Sustainability Develops a University-wide Impact Report

Matt Ball on October 25, 2012 - in Corporate, Facility Management

The Harvard Office for Sustainability embarked upon the process of developing a university-wide impact report in partnership with Harvard’s twelve Schools and administrative departments in order to:

  1. Provide a baseline for future reporting and benchmarking by collecting and displaying sustainability performance data across our University.
  2. Display the breadth and depth of our community’s commitment to sustainability in order to educate and hopefully inspire others inside and outside Harvard.
  3. Encourage an open and honest conversation about the challenges we face in implementing Harvard’s sustainability goals so we can identify the solutions that will help us move forward.

Our approach to sustainability is constantly evolving and so should our reporting. We purposely created an interactive online reporting format not only to use less paper and conserve natural resources but more importantly so we could continually update data and allow students, staff, faculty, alumni and others to interact with the data and content in real-time.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Harvard’s primary university-wide sustainability target is our goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 30% from a 2006 baseline by 2016, including all growth.

In response to the establishment of the GHG reduction goal and to meet our regulatory reporting requirements, Harvard developed a comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory using the Climate Registry General Reporting Protocol as a guiding methodology. Inventory data collection and reporting requirements were established through a rigorous process of consultation with administrative and facilities leaders throughout Harvard.

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