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Isle of Wight to Become an Ecoisland

Matt Ball on October 21, 2012 - in Energy, Projects

 IBM and other companies are working with the Ecoisland project to develop innovative ways to save energy and reduce emissions and waste, while also cutting the islanders’ fuel bills – potentially by up to 50 percent.

Ecoislands is a global leader for sustainable communities, which will enable every region around the world to achieve the ambitious target of living within their means. Drawing from their flagship project that will see the Isle of Wight become renewable energy self-sufficient by the end of the decade, Ecoislands is developing a replicable ‘greenprint’ that will guide future ecoislands on their journey toward sustainability. By bringing together major technology partners, providing access to funding and disseminating learning from their flagship project, Ecoislands is able to offer the necessary resources to turn vision into reality.

Learn more at http://www.eco-island.org/

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