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Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project Progresses in Long Beach

Matt Ball on April 21, 2016 - in Bridges, Construction, Projects

The Gerald Desmond Bridge has become a vital part of the nation’s infrastructure, with nearly 15 percent of the nation’s waterborne cargo trucked across the bridge. It is a critical access route for the Port of Long Beach, downtown Long Beach and surrounding communities.

The bridge construction will feature two Movable Scaffolding Systems to construct the road deck with each moving from opposite ends of the bridge.

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The new bridge will be built with a cable-stayed design and will be high enough to accommodate the newest generation of the most efficient cargo ships. In addition, the new bridge will be wider and better able to accommodate existing and future traffic volumes.

The Gerald Desmond Bridge has been designated as a National Highway System Intermodal Connector Route and part of the Federal Strategic Highway Network. It is a critical structure serving the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, the City of Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange counties, and the nation.

Building the new bridge will generate about 3,000 jobs. The bridge expected to be completed between late-2017 to mid-2018.

Project Benefits:

  • Three lanes in each direction for improved traffic flow
  • Emergency lanes on both the inner and outer shoulders in each direction to reduce traffic delays and safety hazards from accidents and vehicle breakdowns
  • A 205-foot vertical clearance to accommodate the world’s largest, “greener” vessels
  • A reduction in the bridge’s steep grades, for further improvements to traffic flow
  • The Mark Bixby Memorial Bicycle Pedestrian Path with at least 3 scenic overlooks
  • Additional improvements include reconstruction of the Terminal Island East Interchange and a new interchange with the 710 Freeway
  • Click here to view more features of the new bridge
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