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SAP Weighs in on the Mobile Internet of Things

Matt Ball on October 12, 2012 - in Projects

“SAP is building an impressive portfolio of vertical partnerships”, says Mike Sapien, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Telecoms at Ovum from today’s MobileCon event. “The company is betting big on M2M and the cloud to provide a huge opportunity in enterprise apps and app development, and for new entrants in the mobile commerce space.”

Read Mike’s full commentary below.

“Today’s MobileCon keynotes took a decidedly more commercial tone as SAP and RIM each laid out their visions and insights on how the use of mobility continues to evolve. SAP’s Sanjay Poonen, President of Technology and Innovation, impressed upon the audience that the Internet of Things has become a reality and mobility is driving this evolution. Poonen went on to stress how important mobile apps will be for driving mobile commerce for enterprises.

As Poonen rightfully pointed out, the explosion of connected devices in every aspect of our personal and professional lives presents a huge opportunity in applications and application development and for new entrants in the mobile commerce space. In response to this trend, SAP is partnering with anyone and everyone it can. In what was effectively a long advertisement of SAP products and services, Poonen reviewed an impressive list of SAP’s partnerships across a wide range of verticals.

With a reported 80% of Fortune 500 companies working on mobile applications, it’s not surprising SAP has put a stake in every conceivable vertical, offering its customers and partners a wide range of mobile applications and management solutions from mobile device management, multifunctional enterprise application platforms, workflow, to ERP, and many more. A large number of these partnerships are with global telcos. SAP claims to have relationships with many of the top global operators and is working on a number of key vertical projects, including a healthcare initiative with Swisscom, “Supermobile” applications with Vodafone, and mobile wallet solutions with Telefonica. This is clearly ERP meets mobile meets cloud trends in one major effort.

A big driver of the mobile application and commerce opportunity in the enterprise, and of SAP’s interest in it, is that global telcos essentially want everything we own (Internet of Things) and use on a mobile data plan – our cars, pets, houses, appliances, vending machines, and retail products. So this other explosion of devices in mobile networks – the M2M connected device explosion – is where SAP sees a huge growth opportunity in enterprise applications and cloud services. These connections need the cloud, and service providers and enterprises in turn will use this as a tool to generate new, additional value. If successful, they will also generate additional service revenue, not just from consumers, but from consumers’ connected stuff and multiple personal devices. At the same time, vendors will also shift their focus from standalone devices to users and their personal area networks (PANs).”

Source: Ovum

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