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New 3D Cloud Technology Changes Architecture Modelling

Matt Ball on March 25, 2016 - in Corporate, Modeling, Planning

San Francisco, Calif., March 22, 2016—SmarterBetterCities announces support in CloudCities for SketchUp. This new capability  allows organizations worldwide to effectively create and publish their 3D models across multiple platforms including the web. SketchUp users can now enjoy collaborative 3D planning anytime on any device.

CloudCities support for SketchUp allows users to
  • View, upload, share and discuss 3D city models.
  • Tell a story with 3D designs, plans, layers, and colorful dashboards.
  • Bring share 3D on any device via a web browser.
  • Easily get 3D models in the cloud.
Searching, sharing and displaying SketchUp models with stakeholders brings models to life in CloudCities. Instead of using still imagery and videos, users can enjoy interactive 3D models via  a web browser without a plugin. Communities can comment and view ideas from others. Organizations can customize their viewer to support their brand.
“CloudCities support for SketchUp is a game changer for architecture 3D modelling. Bringing SketchUp models to the cloud enables infinite collaboration. This will create innovation in new ways that will help SketchUp users create smarter cities and communities.” Antje Kunze, CEO SmarterBetterCities.
CloudCities offers a free single model version along with a more robust Pro and Enterprise subscription editions. With the expanded support for SketchUp, CloudCities is growing its community to include architects, planners and universities. With the industry’s most advanced solutions of 3D modelling services, SmarterBetterCities continues to show strong adoption and implementation.

SmarterBetterCities: SmarterBetterCities is a fast growing 3D web startup based in Walnut Creek, CA and Zurich, Switzerland and was founded in December 2012.  They offer business-to-business solutions for decision makers, urban planners, municipalities, local governments, consultants, architect offices, real estate agencies, construction companies and more. http://www.smarterbettercities.com

CloudCities: CloudCities is an online platform hosting, sharing and visualizing smart 3D city models. It is designed to be extremely easy to share 3D content on websites, blogs, social media and mobile devices. Users simply upload their 3D content to a server where it is securely stored. Various internal and external data sources can be integrated into the visualizations. With a few mouse clicks users can add stunning dashboard visualizations and layer controls. After it is saved, users can easily link it to their social media accounts or embed it directly into their website. https://cloudciti.es

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