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Imajbox Twin Offers Panoramic Mobile Surveying

Matt Ball on March 17, 2016 - in Products, Sensors, Transportation

imajbox Twin is a new concept, further pushing imajbox philosophy for large-scale data collection. Discover a smart combination of two imajbox, sized to answer all kind of surveying project for roadways, railways and waterways data collection.

imajbox Twin is designed like a toolbox for any usage. According to surveying projects requirements, choose the right combination. Split them in two and orient them into any direction, or combine them for panoramic images.

Whatever the combination chosen is, control and launch the whole system from one single Wi-Fi interface via your smartphone or tablet.

For panoramic surveying
Adopt the panoramic configuration and easily collect wide roads data and get an immersive view of the network.

For both directions surveying
Split imajbox Twin and install one imajbox at the front and the other one at the back of the vehicle. Cover transportation networks twice faster and optimize surveying trips.

For global and detailed surveying
Use the split configuration to focus on targeted details while getting the whole environment. Focus on pavement or sides and catch all assets.

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