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Siemens Offers Expanded Planning Software to Electrical Planners

Matt Ball on March 8, 2016 - in Buildings, Energy, Projects

Siemens is adding a number of functions and products to its software-based planning tools Simaris design, Simaris project, and Simaris curves. The Simaris tools provide electrical planners with free programs for dimensioning and planning electrical distribution systems for industrial applications and infrastructure projects. Many technical requirements that emerge during the planning process have been addressed in the new versions, and now the application is even more user-friendly and complete.

Simaris design is used for designing and dimensioning of electrical networks, from the medium-voltage level to the consumer, utilizing actual products and with minimal input effort. The appropriate components are selected automatically in each case. The Sinamics G120 and G150 frequency converters are now also integrated in the new Version 9.0 for planning purposes. The product range of the 3VA1 and 3VA2 circuit breakers has also been extended from 160 A to 630 A. Transformers that comply with the eco-design regulation for EU countries can also be included in planning the energy distribution system in the new version. In addition to other products, the new type LI busbar system from the Sivacon 8PS product family can be planned in the tool to ensure functional integrity. The data has also been adapted and in some cases expanded for many existing products. Version 9.0, for example, has the added option of IDMT protection for the medium-voltage relay. It is now also possible to design networks with ventilated transformers. Project data from Simaris design can be imported into Simaris project via a data interface.

Simaris project ascertains the space requirement and required budget for electrical power distribution in buildings on the basis of the defined project structure and the fundamental technical data. New products have been included in Version 5.0: NXAir medium-voltage switchgear, frequency converters, transformers in compliance with the eco-design regulation for EU countries, expansion of 3VA1 and 3VA2 circuit breakers, and 3LD2 main switches and 3KD load disconnectors – including installation capability in distribution boards of type Alpha. The data of existing products and systems has been adapted, for example in the case of the 8DJH medium-voltage switchgear, Geafol transformers, busbar trunking systems, and distribution boards of type Alpha.

Simaris curves simulates the parameter settings on protection equipment. In addition to visualizing and evaluating the set curves, Simaris curves also generates documentation on the tripping curves and their tolerance ranges. The tool also displays let-through current and let-through energy curves and integrates them into the documentation. The new variants of circuit breakers 3VA and 3WL have been included in the new version 5.0. The app for Simaris curves has been updated accordingly.

You can find more information on light+building at www.siemens.com/light-building

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