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DelDOT Announces New Online Offerings

Matt Ball on March 8, 2016 - in Corporate, Transportation

Dover—The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) is making it easier to learn about the Department and about the state of Delaware online.

DelDOT is pleased to announce the DelDOT GATEWAY. The GATEWAY provides maps of transit routes, pavement projects, trails and pathways, traffic counts, and so much more! The GATEWAY is available at: http://deldot.gov/information/community_programs_and_services/gate/ .

The tool was created to simplify the interface between the vast amount of data that the Department has and those who may need it. The Department and the public have moved beyond tables and charts and now want to see data relative to a map location. DelDOT is leveraging the tools and support of First Map to deliver DelDOT specific information to the public.

The GATEWAY will help both the general public and DelDOT internal staff in being more informed and efficient. Much like the current DelDOT App that provides the public with real time information concerning the performance and operation of the transportation system, the GATEWAY will allow one-stop access to more static data sets.

As the interface evolves, it will allow decision makers to have access to information on all platforms, which will enable more streamlined and informed decisions.

Additionally, users may now order and pay for maps online, as well as download technical manuals for free. Both maps and manuals are available at:http://deldot.delaware.gov/services/online_services/ .

Among the 25 color maps available are statewide and county atlases, road functional classification maps, and county general highway maps. Tourism maps and bicycle maps are available free of charge. The public may download maps or order hard copies to be delivered by mail.

Due to the cost of paper, ink, and other supplies, as well as increased demand, the price of DelDOT maps has risen, roughly doubling in price from $14 a book to $29. The shipping fee for maps has risen approximately $1 as well.

The process of distributing maps was labor intensive and inefficient, but the online process has eliminated many time-consuming steps. Receipts and distribution forms are now created and stored electronically, and staff process orders more quickly. DelDOT has made the whole map-ordering process more efficient and user-friendly for its customers in order to both enhance their experience as well as give them access to quality cartographic/transportation products.

DelDOT stocks 20,000 Official Delaware Tourism and Transportation Maps every four years.

DelDOT technical manuals on topics such as bridge design, construction, road design, and traffic calming are available for free and may be downloaded directly.

The GATEWAY, free manual downloads and the new map ordering process are the latest examples of innovations that fulfill DelDOT Secretary Jennifer Cohan’s vision of a more innovative and efficient Department of Transportation.

These process improvements save DelDOT money and staff time, while creating easier and more convenient access to information needed by citizens.

For further information, contact DelDOT Community Relations at 1-(800) 652-5600 or (302) 760-2080.

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