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Waterloo Optimizes Road Infrastructure Maintenance through Partnership with Fugro

Matt Ball on February 12, 2016 - in Corporate, Maintenance, Roads

The Regional Municipality of Waterloo has awarded Fugro Roadware a contract to collect updated images for its road right-of-way (ROW) inventory. The contract covers 1,400 lane kilometers of regional roads and provides a web-based solution for digital image playback and data review. Web-based data access maximizes the region’s budget by reducing time consuming and costly field visits and enabling the sharing of information with various groups within the Municipality such as Operations and Bylaw. Fugro’s Automated Road Analyzer (ARAN) system also collects the International Roughness Index (IRI) and wheel track rutting of the road, and assets such as guardrails, signs and road striping. This data can then be used in the future such as for updating inventories and condition assessments.

Fugro’s unique multi-functional asset data collection vehicle, the ARAN 9000, is equipped with cameras, profilers and lasers. It automatically collects specific asset and pavement data, including transverse profile and road roughness. Captured using forward and right facing high resolution cameras, ROW images have a wide field of view and are geo-referenced to allow the images to be used in GIS software such as ESRI’s ArcGIS.

Fugro’s iVision web-based application software gives Municipality staff a synchronized view of images and collected roadway data allowing for easy visual quality assessment of assets and pavement condition. Shawn Buckley, P.Eng., Senior Transportation Infrastructure Engineer for the Municipality, commented, “Fugro’s iVision tool allows us to drive a regional road directly from our desktop. Having the ability to access any point on the road network quickly and accurately is extremely convenient. iVision is a tool that our asset management staff use every day!” Data can be summarized in a graph, dashboard or tabulated form to help staff analyze asset trends year-over-year. As the Municipality was already an iVision user, transition to the latest version was seamless. Collaborating on projects since 2009, Fugro is familiar with the Municipality’s data collection needs and is committed to delivering quality data, software training and updates to them.

Fugro has provided pavement condition surveys for numerous transportation agencies in Canada including the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Region of Peel (Ontario) and British Columbia Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure, and the USA including the states of Louisiana, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia.


Fugro creates value by acquiring and interpreting earth and engineering data and providing associated consulting services to support clients with their design and construction of infrastructure and buildings. Fugro also supports clients with the installation, repair and maintenance of their subsea infrastructure. Fugro is an independent service provider.

Fugro works around the globe, predominantly in energy and infrastructure markets offshore and onshore employing approximately 12,500 employees in over seventy countries. In 2014 Fugro’s revenue amounted to EUR 2.6 billion; Fugro is listed on Euronext Amsterdam.


Fugro Roadware has over 45 years of highly specialized experience in infrastructure and pavement management technology and data collection services. Our mission is to provide transportation asset management systems, surveys and advice to maximize the impact of the maintenance and development decisions on the life and value of the asset while ensuring the safety of our employees and the safety of others.


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