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Structural Engineers to Explore Engineering with Students

Matt Ball on February 9, 2016 - in Buildings, Corporate, Design/Engineering

DuPage Area Engineer’s Week Committee has scheduled an Open House for Saturday, February 27, 2016  [10:30 A.M. –3:30 P.M.] at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Campus at 201 East Loop Road,  Wheaton.  This program includes activities that are free and open to the public.   You are invited to explore engineering with members of the Chicagoland engineering community.  The theme for this year’s program:

 Engineering:  A Gateway to Tomorrow’s Technology

The Expo will feature interactive displays and presentations that are fun and educational, designed to enhance children’s interest in math, science, and of course engineering.

The DuPage Program, now on its 32th year, is a joint effort among professional engineering and scientific societies, area national laboratories, businesses, educational institutions and community organizations.

Structural engineers Bob Johnson, Carol Drucker, Jan Blok,  Ken Nizamuddin and others are expected to once again introduce budding young engineers to standing room only at the SEAOI (Structural Engineers Association of Illinois – www.seaoi.org) exhibit.

Mr. Johnson’s structural engineering models and ‘toys’ provide an enriching hands-on practical application of structural engineering principles.

Ms. Drucker’s display on bridges provides students and adults insight into the design of bridges.  Expect a discussion on the failure/reasons for the tragic 2007 Minneapolis bridge failure.

Children will be able to design and test their very own bridge using a computer program.

The Engineering Tricks Behind the World’s Skyscrapers

The secret world of how buildings stand up will be revealed during a lecture by structural engineer Larry Novak.  Using such engineering marvels as the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, and the Trump Tower Chicago, the engineering principals of structures will be discovered.  An engineer’s tools of the trade such as the amazing strength of shapes, structural materials, wind engineering and sustainability will be uncovered in this interactive and educational program.  A hands-on shake table will allow students to construct their own LEGO building designs and test them to destruction under a simulated earthquake.

The exciting presentation will be geared to  inspire students to study math, science, architecture and of course engineering.  Prizes will be given to selected children who can construct an “earthquake resistant” structure!  We highly recommend you attend the lecture “Engineers Tricks.” Get there early for a seat!   It was standing room when this lecture was given in prior years.

This ‘EXPO’ is the extraordinary opportunity to introduce students of all ages and their parents to the current state of technology and advances being made throughout engineering industry.  For more information, please visit www.dupageeweek.iit.edu or call the IIT-Rice Campus Office at (630) 682-6040.

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