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L.A. County’s New Roadmap for On-site, Alternate Water Supplies Released

Matt Ball on February 2, 2016 - in Uncategorized

In a time of severe drought, creating the next generation of water reuse projects is critical:  more decentralized water supply systems to promote water self-sufficiency / sustainability, and to reduce potable water use.  Southern California still imports 80% of its water.  With the release of the new multi-agency approved roadmap (aka Matrix 2.0) for L.A. County, Guidelines for Alternate Water Sources -Indoor and Outdoor Non-Potable Uses, enlightened property owners and cities will better be able to manage the water they already have.

Using the Matrix 2.0 guidelines will allow for more water use and reuse, which will eliminate more polluted runoff and take pressure off Southern California’s dwindling water supplies.  The Matrix 2.0 can now be used by government agencies in L.A. County.  It will provide accessible, tiered and streamlined guidelines on implementing allowed uses of non-potable water (water not intended for drinking) that has been collected, treated, and intended to be used on-site and is suitable and safe for direct beneficial use.  Sources for on-site treated non-potable water include, but are not limited to, graywater, rainwater, stormwater, blackwater, cooling tower blow-down water, condensate, and foundation drainage.

These guidelines for non-potable water use are a first of their kind for L.A. County, and possibly across the state of California.

Matrix 2.0 builds on the original Matrix (2011), which focused solely on the outdoor uses of rainwater, stormwater and dry weather runoff harvest and use.

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