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Plustek and EasyBuild Partner to Provide a Total ERP and Networked Scanning Solution for the UK Construction Industry

Matt Ball on January 29, 2016 - in Corporate, Design/Engineering, Sensors

London Jan. 29, 2016—Plustek, the Taiwanese photo and document scanner manufacturer, today announces a partnership with ERP vendor, EasyBuild, to support the construction industry with a joint scanning and management and accounting software solution.

As part of the agreement, EasyBuild will bundle Plustek’s eScan A150 network scanner with its software as part of an end-to-end solution to help clients in the construction industry boost productivity, enhance efficiency and cut paper clutter from branch offices and building site compounds.

Carol Massay, EasyBuild’s chief executive officer, explains, “Dealing with paper on construction projects particularly when it comes to financial management is a perennial headache, with the industry frankly slow to embrace technology to drive efficiency. Our partnership with Plustek is one step to address this and offers an easy way for firms to digitise paperwork to populate our software.” 

Construction sites are hectic and busy places and capturing documentation as part of the build process has always been a challenge to do economically. Plustek’s eScan A150 network scanner is cost effective and simple to deploy and is a standalone kiosk type of solution – in other words, no PC is required or specialist training needed. It integrates easily with EasyBuild’s software and enables documentation like goods received notes (GRNs), timesheets and other paperwork to be captured and shared.

Pat McGowan, EasyBuild’s chief technology officer, says, “Margins on most construction projects are tight so any solution that can help boost operational efficiently becomes particularly compelling. That’s the attraction of partnering with Plustek. The eScan A150 is cost effective to buy and, with the built-in network capability, it’s a super tool for people on remote sites to use to send back paperwork to head offices over the network using Wi-Fi or a VPN.”

Offering a large 7 inch colour touch screen, the eScan A150 scanner can process 15 documents per minute with a suggested daily volume of 1,500 pages.

Shooping Lin, Plustek’s UK sales director, says, “Installation is straightforward as all you need is Internet access for the eScan A150 to work. Walk up, put documents into the 50-page hopper and press scan – crystal clear images are produced every time. It’s as simple as using a Fax machine so perfect for all staff involved on construction sites where typically there’s a mix of technical skill.”

EasyBuild’s ERP suite is written using a combination of Microsoft .NET software running on Oracle. The software suite has a range of modules including accountancy, project management, admin & HR and client & supply chain. It offers a range of sophisticated features including cost-value reconciliation (CVR) which offers a ‘real-time’ view of project costs and against budget. This delivers early visibility of profit/loss on builds and helps with project and risk management.

EasyBuild’s software was originally developed for the Durkan Group prior to being made commercially available to the whole UK construction industry 10 years ago. Key customers today include Durkan, CJ O’Shea, Abbey Homes, with the software installed internationally in South Africa and the Middle East.

About Plustek Inc

Respected as a world-class imaging and surveillance solutions provider, Plustek Inc. manufactures high-quality, professional scanners as well as security devices for businesses, professionals and consumers.

Founded in 1986, Plustek has developed a broad portfolio of scanners including document, photographic, graphic, ID card, mobile and book scanners. Focusing on meeting customer needs, the company has also developed a server-based File Management System which helps users manage documents by transforming piles of paper into usable and searchable information.

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