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Jeddah Tower Includes Concentric Landscape Layers

Matt Ball on January 28, 2016 - in Buildings, Corporate, Modeling, Planning

SWA’s landscape architectural design for Jeddah Tower creates a landmark urban open space within the new master plan for Kingdom City. In addition to supporting a clear functionality for the tower and the different terrace levels, the design provides the dynamic composition of water, planting, and paving, interweaving amenity and activity and serving as an integrated based for the tower.

The Tower

Inspired by the tower’s growth and cultural leadership, concentric landscape layers
reinforce the importance of the building and enhance the approaching experience.

– A combination of paving patterns and planting in the arrival courts unifies the tower base and the lobby entries.
– Paving patterns radiating from the tower’s base form a carpet, showcasing a variety of Islamic patterns with stone paving, planting materials, and textures.
– Carefully selected planting will ensure seasonal color and interest that will make the outdoor setting a destination throughout the year.
– The island garden creates a front garden for enjoyment by both residents and hotel guests.
– This pattern also extends to the lake below, where residents and visitors can stroll along a promenade.
– Two main entries to the tower will be lined with rows of palm trees to allow glimpses of views when looking up to the tower.
– The office entry greets all visitors with enticing water features.

Lighting Design

– Project lighting will further help to direct traffic while highlighting important entries and routes and accentuating the major elements of water, trees, and gardens.
– Pedestrian pole lights illuminate the paths and terraces, leading pedestrians to building entries and nodes within the site.
– Tree uplights at entry points highlight groves and palm tree allées within the landscape.
– All water features will have unique lighting.

Hardscape and Site Furnishing

Kingdom Tower-Illustrative.jpg

– To unify the various landscape elements, a continuous paving extends through the
entire ground plane both at the retail podium and to the tower, providing a strong visual identity with a bold pattern. The tower lobby interior paving extends out to the drop-off entry to welcome both residents and visitors. The radial pattern also extends into the planting which becomes the parterre garden.
– Bollards separate vehicular and pedestrian areas to ensure safety.
– A consistent family of site furnishings, including benches, planter pots, and other
elements, will further unify the various outdoor spaces.


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