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America’s Wetland Foundation Lauds Steady and Experienced Leader for Coastal Authority

Matt Ball on January 26, 2016 - in Corporate, Erosion control
NEW ORLEANS – With 74 percent of Louisiana voters citing coastal erosion as the issue of their lifetime, a change of administration for the state might pose worrisome doubts about steadying the state of coastal restoration and protection. After meeting with new coastal leadership, the America’s WETLAND Foundation (AWF) issued the following statement by Foundation senior advisor, Sidney Coffee.
“Having had the pleasure of working with Johnny Bradberry during Governor Blanco’s administration while he served as transportation secretary, I saw first hand as director of the Governor’s Office of Coastal Activities his focus and dedication to coastal issues. Bradberry’s leadership was instrumental in the state’s efforts to forge compromise and create the CPRA to comprehensively approach restoration and protection. He is a seasoned manager who listens closely, considers options thoughtfully, and acts decisively – traits we need in this position as real money begins to flow and hard choices surface.
“A recent meeting with him confirmed our confidence that Johnny will lead coastal efforts with balance, inclusiveness and with a sense of urgency in putting the master plan on the ground. He understands that these challenges cannot be politicized, that solutions must progress on a steady continuum and, most importantly, that funds be efficiently applied to ensure the greatest impact in moving from planning to action now. AWF looks forward to working with him and our new governor in the days and years to come as they respond to the urgency of coastal restoration.”
America’s WETLAND Foundation manages the largest, most comprehensive public education campaign in Louisiana’s history, raising public awareness of the impact of Louisiana’s wetland loss on the state, nation and world. The America’s Energy Coast initiative works to sustain the environmental and economic assets of the Gulf Coast region. The organization is supported by a growing coalition of world, national and state conservation and environmental organizations and has drawn private support from businesses that see wetlands protection as a key to economic growth. For more information, visit www.americaswetland.com.

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