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AC•Tech Moisture Mitigation Epoxy Goes BPA-FREE!

Matt Ball on January 18, 2016 - in Construction, Corporate

AC•Tech, a company offering high-tech products for moisture vapor reduction, has introduced Bisphenol-A (BPA) FREE formulation of the AC•Tech 2170™ Moisture Mitigation and Alkalinity Control epoxy coating.

“We are committed to innovate and improve – even if it’s not yet ‘legally’ regulated or mandated under LEED,” says Penny Czarra, President of AC•Tech, Allied Construction Technologies, Inc. According to the company, Bisphenol-A is on the “Red List” of chemicals used in many epoxies and concrete coatings. Manufacturers have long been encouraged to invest in alternative formulations that eliminate this hazardous compound while delivering equal performance. The company notes that many believe that BPA is “locked” into the epoxy once cured, posing minimal environmental and health concerns. Consequently, many manufacturers have postponed investing in BPA-FREE alternatives.

“We understand ‘the juice isn’t worth the squeeze’ argument’”, continues Czarra. “But, when you mix epoxy on the job site, you’ve become a mini-manufacturing plant. You’re mixing Part A and Part B.… you’re getting a chemical reaction… and then, you’re watching both hyperlinking and curing processes take place once the mixed coating hits the slab. Obviously, construction personnel are onsite when these chemical reactions take place … and often building occupants and business customers are in close proximity to the epoxy application, too.

“We should all be concerned about the health and safety of construction workers who are exposed to these chemical reactions daily. If it’s within our power to improve our formulations to reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals, it’s our duty to do so.”

AC•Tech states that it will not be charging a premium for its BPA-FREE formulations as they become available this year. “One shouldn’t be charged more for doing the right thing,” concluded Czarra.

Visit the AC•Tech team at 2016 World of Concrete Booth S-13245 for more information or contact www.actechperforms.com

About AC•Tech

AC•Tech’s Go-Early Technology™ was the Winner of the 2015 MIP Expert’s Choice Award at World of Concrete. The

company is a leader in providing advanced, performance-based solutions to complex concrete coating issues and

offers specialized products for curing, moisture mitigation & vapor reduction, alkalinity control, and concrete slab

remediation from oil and food contamination. The advanced systems of AC•Tech have been specifically engineered to

comply with LEED Building Standards and all California indoor air quality standards.| AC•Tech serves and supports

architects, engineers, contractors and business owners in the US and abroad. AC•Tech can also offer custom

designed resin-based solutions and products for just about any need through its manufacturing partners in Germany

and India.


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