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S1 Global Mini Crane Added to Smart-Rig Product Line

Matt Ball on January 5, 2016 - in Construction, Products

VANCOUVER, Wash., Jan. 5, 2016—A leader in portable floor cranes narrow enough to fit through doors and elevators for indoor, outdoor and roof top lifting, shifting, moving and installing materials, OEM Smart-Rig Cranes recently added the CE certified S1 Global Model. The unique mini crane is rated at 885 kg cap. (1,950 lb.), 800mm wide (32 in.), 5.5m hook height (18 ft.), with battery power and on-board charger, tilt alarm, hydraulics and pick and carry design for easy transport.

Weighing at only 660 kg unladen (1450 lb. dry weight) the S1 Global is CE Certified to meet international standards for the USA and Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South America and other territories that look to a CE mark for a measure of conformity.

The base of the S1 Global uses the same fold-out outrigger legs, pull back counter weight water tank, and three piece manual pull out boom as the S1 Standard unit. The S1 Global introduces aesthetic and safety feature updates including a tilt sensor alarm, weatherproof on-board charger, test certificate, CE certification. Safety functions include rear brakes, brake on winch, dual safety stops on boom, designed to meet 150% of rated load, check valve, tilt sensor, fire extinguisher, powder coated safety yellow, and CE marked industrial winch double lined with snatch block and hook with safety latch.

All Smart-Rig Crane models fit inside a standard doorway and inside elevators. The S1 Global has 30 meters of cable (100 ft.) and a 5.5 meter vertical hook height with a speed of 7-9 meters per minute (25-30 FPM).

According to Founder/CEO Josh Clark, “The S1 Global has zero emissions, low noise levels and mobility for rooftop lifting, indoors or outdoors or tight spaces. The product functions for many industries who need portability including glass installation, HVAC, aircraft, maintenance, construction, steel erection, utilities, material handling, energy, vehicle motor and parts repair and many more. Mini cranes can be used for just about every lifting application you can imagine.”

To learn more visit http://www.smartrigcranes.com/

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