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First ASSESS Congress to be Held January 20-22, 2016 in Potomac, Maryland

Matt Ball on December 23, 2015 - in Corporate, Design/Engineering, Modeling

Bethesda, Md., Dec. 22, 2015—Cyon Research and the ASSESS Initiative announce the First ASSESS Congress, which will be January 20-22 in Potomac, Maryland at the Bolger Center. The ASSESS 2016 Congress is centered on two intersecting domains: the first is the domain of design and engineering of products and the internet of things; the second is the domain of complex decisions, not just about products, but also strategies, politics, infrastructure, and other difficult areas that justify taking a long, hard look at the consequences of setting a direction.

ASSESS 2016 starts where the ASSESS Summit left off, bringing together the key participants to further review the current status, issues, goals and actionable items of the ASSESS Initiative. This year’s summit continues with a deeper and broader pool of leadership from the community of domain experts, industry analysts, software providers, researchers, and others in the community of model-based analysis, simulation and systems engineering. The role of the ASSESS 2016 congress is to guide and influence software strategies to the capture value of, and to enable, expanding the use and practical scope of software for model-based analysis, simulation and systems engineering. Those participating in ASSESS 2016 will help shape the industry and product strategies for the next decade.

“We consider our participation in ASSESS not only an opportunity, but also an obligation,” commented said Sam Saltiel, chief communications officer of BETA CAE Systems. “Being a part of this forum, along with the most influential parties of our community, is of paramount importance for the mapping of a coherent and successful overall strategy for simulation.”

Call for Input and Next Steps

ASSESS 2016 is a working congress, held by Cyon Research. Those participating in the congress will be engaged in setting the goals and strategies for the industry. A key part of that discussion will center on the output from the ASSESS Summit held this past January, which resulted it a weighted list of where we should be spending our attention. The consensus of that summit was that the broader industry should be allowed to share its thoughts on the topics raised at the summit. If you are an active participant in analysis, simulation, or systems engineering, please consider voting on where the industry should spend its attention by completing the very short ASSESS survey. The vote will remain open until the end of 2015. Graduate students are welcome to participate.

“We see that multidisciplinary simulation and design exploration is the key to facilitating innovation and lowering product development costs. To that point, we are proud to sponsor ASSESS 2016, an event that will influence the direction of the industry for years to come,” concluded David Vaughn, vice president of marketing for CD-adapco.

Those interested participating in the invitation-only event may apply for an invitation at apply.assessevent.com.

About The ASSESS Initiative

The ASSESS Initiative is an industry effort focused on strategies for software tools for model-based analysis, simulation, and systems engineering. The goal of the ASSESS Initiative is to prepare the analysis, simulation, and systems engineering industry for the coming challenges it is facing. If the industry continues on its current path, it will experience crippling shortages of PhD Analysts required to use currently available tools. While there are promising technologies that may mitigate the projected shortage, much still needs to be done in order to enable the potential “revolution” of increased usage and benefit from these software technologies across the full spectrum of industries, applications and users (in both the government and commercial sectors). The ASSESS Initiative acts by guiding and influencing strategies for the software vendor, manufacturer, academic, and government communities.

“The ASSESS Initiative brings together the best and brightest across multiple industries and domains to address the challenges of analysis, simulation and systems engineering software tools and to enable the revolution in how these technologies are used to enable breakthroughs,” Said Joe Walsh, CEO of intrinSIM, a co-founder of the initiative and its current leader. “I am very pleased and proud to be a part of this game-changing initiative. Viva la (simulation) revolution!”

About Cyon Research

Cyon Research is an industry analyst think-tank operating in the field of software for design and engineering. Cyon Research’s key business is market research for. The company publishes an annual survey based on its original research. The firm applies sophisticated analytics to help their customers understand what the engineering software customer is thinking. Cyon Research’s focus is on the tools, processes, and procedures used in design and manufacturing, construction, and management. The firm offers to its clients a unique combination of experience, perspective, and insight, buttressed by an extensive network of well-established industry relationships. Their goal is always clarity: of the situation, of the pitfalls and opportunities, and of the road to success. Cyon Research’s main events are COFES: The Congress on the Future of Engineering Software, and ASSESS: Analysis, Simulation, and System Engineering Strategies. For more information about Cyon Research:http://cyonresearch.com.

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