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Graebert Announces Immediate Availability of ARES Commander 2016

Matt Ball on December 10, 2015 - in Modeling, Products

Berlin, Dec. 9, 2015—Graebert GmbH http://www.graebert.com – the pioneer in developing high-performance CAD solutions across desktop and mobile devices – today announced immediate availability of the 2016 version of its acclaimed ARES Commander 2D/3D CAD package. Like its predecessors, ARES Commander 2016 is available in 14 languages across all three desktop operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux – a hallmark of Graebert’s belief in CAD platform ubiquity.

Graebert represents the leading alternative for DWG-based CAD Software and has unmatched expertise in customizing its platform to meet specific partner needs. Graebert-developed CAD technologies are in daily use by more than 8M design professionals in more than 100 countries through not just ARES Commander, but also OEM solutions powered by the ARES CAD engine such as DraftSight, CorelCAD and Onshape.

ARES Commander 2016 New Features (Partial List – See Graebert.com For All):

  • Quick Input: Provides a command entry interface near the pointer (with tooltips, input boxes, and construction lines)
  • Annotation scaling: Annotative scaling adjusts the size and scale of your dimensions, texts, hatches and blocks to the scale of each viewport. Annotations are displayed with consistent and uniform sizes across all viewports in layouts sheets
  • Heads-up toolbar: Appears when you select entities and lets you zoom to the selected entities, change the entities Layer, LineStyle, and LineWidth, dimension entities, or create a Block from the entities
  • Dimension location snap: Forces dimension lines to be placed at specified distances from measured linear entities and between successive dimension lines or at specified angles for radial and diameter dimensions
  • DGN Import: The ImportDGN command inserts content from DGN files (V7 or V8) as a block in your drawing. The .dgn format is popular among users of MicroStation and some other CAD software. DGN import offers you a higher interoperability with other professionals
  • LayerState Manager: The new LayerState Manager allows you to create and name different scenarios for your layers to easily switch between them. You may for example hide some layers and change their color to show different aspects of the same project

In addition to ARES Commander 2016, Graebert also announced that:

  • Unlike its historical competitor, ARES Commander 2016 can be purchased either as a perpetual license or as an Annual Plan (12 months license). All licenses includes a 12 month Graebert subscription for updates and access to a tech-support hotline – users can freely decide to renew their license even after it expires.
  • Any license of ARES Commander also includes a 12 months license of the mobile CAD solution ARES Touch that is automatically renewed when the user is renewing the Graebert subscription. ARES Touch will continue operating after 12 months even when the subscription is not renewed, but with limited features.
  • Graebert is granting an exceptional 50% discount on its estore to celebrate the launching of ARES Commander 2016. This offer will be valid until December 18, 2015 with the coupon code CYBER50.

“Graebert offers much more than just a cost-effective alternative to create or modify DWG drawings – we provide the most modern and productive CAD solution available, with unique features focused on both productivity and ease-of-use,” said Cédric Desbordes, executive in charge of Sales & Marketing for Graebert GmbH. “We believe that our users should not be tied down to just one computer at the office. When you buy ARES Commander, you pay only once to work on PCs running any OS – Windows, Mac and Linux – as well as from a smartphone or tablet with ARES Touch (supporting Android and soon iOS) and, in the near future, through the Cloud with ARES Kudo.”

About Graebert:

Graebert is a leading developer of CAD software, solutions and services. We are recognized as a true innovator in the CAD industry and have more than 30 years of expertise. Our DWG-based CAD systems were the first to run on Windows , Mac and Linux . Graebert is also a pioneer in mobile CAD technologies on Android and soon iOS. Most recently, Graebert announced ARES Kudo, a full DWG-based CAD platform for the Cloud.

Graebert‘s product portfolio is anchored by ARES Commander – a powerful, DWG-based CAD software with 2D and 3D modeling capabilities – which also enables developers to create standalone CAD applications. Overall, more than 8 million professionals use our CAD technologies in more than 100 countries. We also specialize in building surveying software and services. The SiteMaster™ line of “as built” surveying solutions, as well as worldwide surveying services are included under Graebert‘s iSurvey™ brand and division.

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