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Connecticut DOT Optimizes Road Maintenance Funds with Fugro’s ARAN 9000 Data Collection System

Matt Ball on November 30, 2015 - in Corporate, Maintenance, Roads

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) awarded Fugro Roadware a contract for two Automatic Road Analyzer (ARAN 9000) data collection systems. The investment demonstrates Fugro’s ability to work collaboratively with longstanding clients. The first ARAN is a new build vehicle to replace the department’s oldest ARAN while the second is an upgrade to an existing vehicle. The modular design of the ARAN allowed much of the existing subsystem equipment to be incorporated into the upgrade. Both ARANs incorporate Fugro’s Pave3D system, an automated pavement distress detection system. ConnDOT will view all data elements in Vision, Fugro’s all-in-one desktop data processing and analysis software suite. These new ARANs give ConnDOT consistency and scalability of their existing highway inventory and performance data distribution processes and investments. ConnDOT’s monetary and intellectual state infrastructure investments are preserved, and now enhanced, with the adoption of Pave3D automation. Broader departmental use of the data is anticipated by ConnDOT leaders.

Collected data is integrated with Vision’s WiseCrax crack detection software and leverages the user’s experience. With Vision, data is available in a synchronized environment, allowing ConnDOT to browse and interact with various data types intelligently. This saves valuable employee time, increases quality data assurance and control and provides the ability to create data reports seamlessly in a meaningful output. The plug-in architecture also allows custom processes to be added within Vision. The Report Generator tool gives ConnDOT the flexibility to summarize and prepare data for Pavement Management software and other Asset Management software applications. Vision facilitates the centralization of valuable and powerful data as well as data sharing between ConnDOT’s Research and Pavement Management teams.

James Spencer, Supervisor of the Photolog Section for the Connecticut Department of Transportation, commented, “We are excited about the potential of our new ARAN 9000 series equipment and Vision platform. In addition to already seeing enhanced streamlining benefits to field collection efforts, we are hopeful that these technologies will open new possibilities in support of MAP 21 Asset Management and Safety requirements.”

Fugro has delivered vehicle-based automated data collection systems to numerous DOTs in the USA including Maine, Arkansas, Connecticut, Maryland, Missouri, South Dakota and overseas authorities and institutions.


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