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Siemens Sustainable Cities Lab Opens in London

Matt Ball on September 21, 2012 - in Corporate, Featured, Modeling, Planning

Siemens has completed construction of an interactive showcase for sustainable cities in London, with the official opening this weekend. The Crystal is a landmark building located in the Royal Victoria Docks, the centre of London’s new Green Enterprise District, and is dedicated to improving our knowledge of urban sustainability. The Crystal is one of the world’s greenest buildings, with exemplary BREEAM and LEED accreditation.

The showcase focuses on efficiency, with cities now consuming roughly 75% of the world’s energy and emitting roughly 80% of all greenhouse gases. With cities as a focal point for efficiency, the fight against climate change will be won or lost in our urban areas.

Siemens is focused on making cities more efficient, cleaner, and more livable. The concept of the Crystal was driven by a vision of a multi-faceted urban world. Its crystalline shape represents the many facets of sustainability and the complexity of urban life.

“It is a clear sign of the confidence in London’s ability to nurture and support eco-enterprises that Siemens has chosen to locate its flagship centre of sustainability here in the UK capital. The Crystal is set to sit at the heart of a brand new Green Enterprise District, which will sweep across east of the city. We envisage that the district will be a vibrant, international hub incubating dozens of low carbon businesses.” said London’s mayor, Boris Johnson.

The Crystal aims to provide a focal point for discussions, with exhibitions, lectures and leadership conferences taking place within its walls.  As a point of dialogue, discovery and learning, the building serves to showcase sustainable technologies as well as the challenges that cities face.
The exhibition covers a range of issues including water, transport, city design and management, energy, environment, buildings and lighting, safety and security and healthcare.

View a time-lapse video of the entire construction, with both exterior and interior views, here.

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