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New Energy Saving Solution Helps Organisations Reduce Expenditure by 20%

Matt Ball on September 20, 2012 - in Corporate, Modeling

Energy Saver, the energy management solution designed by data specialists and digital mapping experts Landmark Information Group, helps organisations reduce their energy expenditure by an average of 20% through more effective management of existing energy supplies. The simple, easy-to-use service provides a breakdown of where and when organisations are using energy, enabling areas for streamlining or cost cutting to easily be identified.

Organisations who sign up to an Energy Saver site survey, usually £299, before 30th September 2012 will receive it free-of-charge. As part of the site survey, a representative will visit the organisation to assess the company’s building(s) to identify key energy distribution points which will be highlighted in the installation proposal. These energy distribution points may then be investigated further in order to determine how energy output could decrease and, therefore, how costs may be reduced.

David Mole, Director of Landmark Environmental Due Diligence, said: “As Lord Kelvin, the celebrated physicist and engineer, famously said: ‘To measure is to know; if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it’. This quote sums up what Energy Saver offers our clients; the ability to easily identify areas where energy output can be reduced and cost savings and energy efficiencies can therefore be made.

“The Government estimates that 40,000 tonnes of carbon may potentially be saved per year, simply by replacing equipment with more energy efficient products. With energy worth £1.6bn[1] wasted each year, there are not only considerable energy savings to be made, but significant financial savings too. Energy Saver can enable organisations to do just that.

“Energy Saver is fantastic for organisations looking to make cost savings on their energy bills and for those wanting to be more socially responsible by minimising their carbon output. Companies have the potential to make tremendous reductions in their energy consumption which will potentially save tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of pounds.”

Energy Saver works through the installation of a range of smart meters which capture information about an organisation’s energy consumption and generation, looking at eight different modules, such as incoming feed, renewable generation, air conditioning, lighting, desktop IT, central IT systems, office peripherals, gas and water. Detailed reports, including analysis, are provided, enabling users to control and automate the management of specified metered appliances.

The software gives an up-to-the-minute overview of the organisation’s performance with a comprehensive breakdown of energy usage in real time. Users can therefore easily pin-point how much energy is being used by heating, lighting and IT equipment at any given time and easily map their progress against specified targets.

Energy Saver forms part of Landmark’s ‘Carbon Counter’ software solution products. Launched at the beginning of 2010, over 300 organisations across both public and private sectors have incorporated Carbon Counter – CRC Compliance to help ensure that they are fully compliant with Carbon Reduction Commitment requirements.

To find out more about Landmark’s Energy Saver and Carbon Counter services, visit www.carboncounter.co.uk

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