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Specification Section: Water Sensors and Monitoring Systems

Matt Ball on November 21, 2015 - in Water Sensors and Software

Sensing and analyzing water and stormwater networks provides a quantifiable means to design and manage these systems. There are many software tools to help model and monitor these networks, with advancements taking place in how they’re deployed, including cloud-based solutions for several “Software as a Service” offerings. A wide variety of sensors are deployed to return a number of different measurements about water flow and water quality. Together these sensors and systems fill in the gaps of our knowledge and allow us to improve system performance and reduce impacts.

The Specification Section provides an ongoing resource that’s regularly updated online. If we missed your product, please submit your text and link to info@informedinfrastructure.com.


Autodesk helps improve the way you capture and share data about existing conditions with water-utility asset-management software. Keep operations and maintenance teams informed, speed efficiency assessments and provide better customer service with vital, up-to-date information about your networks and future activities.


Bentley Systems provides a suite of software to support better design, engineering and planning of water distribution, wastewater and stormwater networks. Products include WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, HAMMER, SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, CivilStorm, StormCAD, PondPack, CulvertMaster and Flowmaster.


CHI’s PCSWMM has a powerful GIS engine that works seamlessly with the latest GIS data formats and provides intelligent tools for streamlining model development, optimization and analysis in a comprehensive range of applications. With full support for the U.S. EPA SWMM5 hydrology and hydraulics engine, PCSWMM provides a scalable and complete package for 1D and 2D analysis.


Civica Infrastructure’s VH SWMM integrates various data sources such as drainage asset data (GIS data containing sewers, catch basins, manholes, leads, SWM), drainage condition-assessment data (surveys, DEM), flow-monitoring data and previously reported flooding locations to improve system operations.


With Esri technology, you can protect water supplies and their integrity by understanding how human behaviors impact the natural system. Document water sources and quantify their capacity based on current and historic data. Then share the story of the water system through engaging maps so everyone can see how today’s actions affect tomorrow’s water system.


FlowWorks contains a powerful suite of data-collection, monitoring, analysis and reporting tools, enabling users to manage all your monitoring systems through a Web interface.


HydroCAD is a Computer-Aided Design tool used by civil engineers for modeling stormwater runoff. HydroCAD provides a wide range of commonly used drainage calculations.


Hydrology Studio hydraulics and hydrology software produces detailed drainage studies. Its companions, Stormwater Studio, Channel Studio and Culvert Studio, allow you to design and model storm-sewer systems.


Innovyze is a leading global provider of wet-infrastructure business-analytics software solutions designed to meet the technological needs of water/wastewater utilities, government agencies and engineering organizations worldwide.


iWATR from Michael Baker International allows public agencies, developers, stormwater-quality practitioners, and others interested in watershed restoration and water-quality improvement to perform a comprehensive water-quality assessment at identified locations for a variety of land uses. iWATR provides a means to evaluate potential solutions using a geographic map interface to identify receiving waters, potential impairments, site constraints, and the feasibility of stormwater harvest and use.


Opti’s OptiNimbus integrates rainfall forecast information with onsite sensor data to autonomously prepare your system to handle every size storm with intelligent real-time controls. The SaaS cloud platform provides a stormwater-management solution that’s secure, scalable and affordable.


SWPPPTrack’s mobile app speeds inspections; automated workflows do everything else. Easy, flexible and comprehensive, it’s targeted for MS4s, DOTs, environmental agencies, contractors, builders and consultants.


UtiliSync is a mobile GIS app that automates MS4 SWPPP inspections and other SWMP activities. From aquaculture and remediation to energy, mining and research, In-Situ is known for innovating reliable, top-quality water-monitoring equipment that reduces field visits and equipment costs.


XP Solutions xpstorm is a versatile software package for dynamic modeling of urban stormwater systems, river systems and floodplains, including ponds, rivers, lakes and interaction with groundwater. This combined 1D (for upstream to downstream flow) and 2D (for flow over land) software is widely used by private consultants and public agencies responsible for stormwater and flooding regulation.



Blue-Siren’s FlowSiren is a wireless, low-power, multi-sensor open-channel flow monitor with a vision sensor that allows technicians to measure and view any flow conditions using contact and/or non-contact sensors. The FlowSiren is fully submersible and waterproof and advanced power management keeps it collecting and transmitting data for more than a year. Data is automatically uploaded to the Blue Live hosting platform or server of choice.


Blue-White Industries provides a number of flowmeters including variable-area (rotameter), differential pressure (impact tube), digital insertion paddlewheel, and ultrasonic (Doppler and transit-time) sensors.


Campbell Scientific’s automated water samplers and monitoring systems provide unattended and long-term monitoring of water level, flow and water quality, and control of water samplers. These systems measure flow, level, and water quality in many environments, including wells, dams, streams, weirs, storm-water systems, and water/wastewater treatment plants. Offerings include data loggers, telemetry peripherals, sensors and automatic water samplers.


CUES is a leading manufacturer of closed circuit television video (CCTV) inspection, rehabilitation, pipe profiling equipment and asset inspection/decision support software for sanitary and storm sewers, industrial process lines, and water lines. CUES has been providing innovative pipeline inspection technology and solutions to the Water/Wastewater industry for more than 50 years to enable accurate condition assessment and proactive maintenance programs for buried infrastructure.


Eureka Water Probes manufactures multiparameter sounds to monitor the quality of surface and groundwater. The company has a line of handheld field sensors, telemetry solutions for unattended sensors and logging capability. For long term studies, CDOM, turbidity, pCO2, carbon sediments and nutrients are some of the primary hydrological parameters that are monitored providing environmental information essential for effective water resource management.


Hach’s Flow products and services include legacy brands Sigma and Marsh-McBirney, with a focus on open-channel flow measurement. The company offers a range of wireless flow loggers and non-contact flow sensors. Hach Data Delivery Services combines equipment, resources and support to deliver flow data as a service.


In-Situ Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes solutions that measure and record the quantity and quality of groundwater and surface water. In-Situ has equipment to accurately assess the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of any aquatic system from spot sampling to long-term remote monitoring.


LaMotte manufactures a complete line of water-analysis equipment, including reagents, field kits and meters. Field kits include tests for phosphate, chlorine, iron, copper, alkalinity, hardness, etc.


MISSION Communications provides real-time access to flow data and reduces field labor costs collecting the data. MISSION provides low power, low cost wireless RTU’s that connect to flow meters and automatically send back data to secure customer web sites. MISSION can even provide high- or low-flow alarms via phone, pager, fax, email or direct to your existing SCADA system via OPC links.


Pentair Environmental Systems is the leading provider of environmental monitoring and control solutions, helping businesses and communities globally manage precious natural resources. The company provides a range of water-level and water-quality monitoring and analysis specifically designed for long-term unattended monitoring.


Praxis Software’s SensorActive is a unique combination of hardware and software for the collection and display of data from multiple sensors. As a system solution, SensorActive integrates environmental monitoring with state-of-the-art communications technologies to enable early warning and continual monitoring of assets and potential hazards. SensorActive delivers real-time information to improve hydrological data collection and remote monitoring. Automatic alarms may be set to warn of potentially dangerous conditions and data can be viewed in real time via a Web applet.


Teledyne Isco manufactures a wide range of products used in water-pollution monitoring and wastewater process control. The company offers a wide array of portable, refrigerated and specialty samplers, flow meters (ultrasonic, submerged, bubbler, area velocity and laser), and multi-parameter probes to log parameters and trigger events and alarms. Teledyne’s products are engineered and built to increase the productivity of professionals in the field, factory and laboratory.


Telog Instruments (a Trimble company) offers solutions that provide an automated means of collecting, archiving, presenting and sharing data from remote assets such as flowmeters, rain gauges, CSO/SSO surcharge sensors, pre-treatment water-quality sensors, lift stations and pressure sensors. Telog RTUs provide a monitoring solution for virtually every sensor, meter, instrument  and application found throughout water conveyance systems. Telog’s data management system delivers information and alarms to your own software application, Telogers Enterprise or a data hosting web service.


Trimble Unity represents a unified collaboration platform for managing critical utility assets and the work of water industry professionals. By integrating GIS and field operations, sensors and wireless communications, mobile workers and office professionals, field and back office enterprise systems, and utilities with their contractors, Trimble Unity provides the water industry with a comprehensive solution for regulatory reporting, improving operations, reducing cost and enhancing customer service.


Upstream Technologies develops and manufactures innovative products that clean stormwater and verify infiltration rates for design, construction and long-term monitoring. MPD Infiltrometer is its latest product that tests for hydraulic conductivity for design and monitoring of stormwater-infiltration practices.


YSI (a Xylem brand) offers a range of sensors and analytical tools to support the growing trend of automated stormwater monitoring. These sensors measure flow, rain, level and water quality in real time, ensuring events are captured as they happen. WaterLOG bubblers detect the change in level, a SonTek flow meter detects the changes in water velocity and the Integrated Systems and Services group can customize a complete turnkey monitoring solution. Xylem is an expanding family of long-established, leading brands for quantitative and qualitative analysis of water samples.

www.ysi.com and www.xylemanalytics.com


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