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Exprodat and CSIS tell the Story Map of Russian Pipe Dreams and their Realities

Matt Ball on November 13, 2015 - in Corporate, Oil & Gas, Surveying/Mapping

Exprodat, the oil and gas ArcGIS Platform specialist, has worked in partnership with the world-renowned Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) to implement the Esri Story Maps as a new way of presenting the Centre’s valuable strategic information.

Washington, DC based CSIS has become one the world’s preeminent international policy institutions and in July 2015 Edward Chow and Zachary Cuyler published “From Pipe Dreams to Pipelines”; their report was a detailed investigation into the host of yet-to-be completed new pipeline projects currently taking place in Russia.

To ensure that readers could easily understand the geographic context of the report’s data, Exprodat staff converted the CSIS report into an Esri Story Map called the New Russian Gas Exports

Esri Story Map is an online utility that allows users to combine data, text, images and video with maps that creates a more engaging way of presenting information that everyone, irrespective of their knowledge of the subject matter, can understand.

As Exprodat Senior GIS Consultant Simon Kettle explains, “We realised that a Story Map would be a great way to present the CSIS report, as it included descriptions of many towns and places in Russia which would be unfamiliar to the majority of readers.

By presenting the report’s content as a “Story Map Journal” we were able to quickly create a web-based presentation that really allows readers to visualise the pipeline projects, understand the significance of their locations and gain a much richer understanding of what is going on in Russia right now.

Click to view the New Russian Gas Exports or visit: http://ecl.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/index.html?appid=723e646692094bedb39647b4d32fc453

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