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American Concrete Institute Announces New Publication of ACI 318-14—Reinforced Concrete Design Manual

Matt Ball on November 3, 2015 - in Analysis, Corporate, Design/Engineering

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich., Nov. 2, 2015—The American Concrete Institute announces the availability of a new invaluable publication for concrete industry professionals—the Reinforced Concrete Design Manual [SP-17(14)].

The new two-volume manual provides guidance and assistance to professionals engaged in the design of reinforced concrete structures.  This Reinforced Concrete Design Manual was developed in accordance with ACI’s reorganized 318-14 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete, and serves as an invaluable companion to ACI 318-14.

The ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Manual provides many design examples of various reinforced concrete members based on a fictitious seven-story building. Additional information and examples are provided to illustrate various ACI 318-14 requirements not related to the design of the members in the seven story building.

The first three chapters in this design manual — structural systems, structural analysis, and durability — provide general succinct information to clarify for the user the overall design and detailing requirements of reinforced concrete building structures. Chapter four of this design manual provides a short description of the fictitious seven story building and how it is used to demonstrate the use of the code requirements.  Nine new chapters are added: Chapter 1 (Structural Systems); Chapter 2 (Structural Analysis); Chapter 3 (Durability); Chapter 4 (Building Example); Chapter 5 (One-Way Chapter); Chapter 6 (Two-Way slabs); Chapter 7 (Beam); Chapter 9 (Walls); and Chapter 14 (Retaining Wall).

The ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Manual is published in two volumes: Chapters 1 through 14 are published in Volume 1, and Chapter 15 is published in Volume 2.  Design aids and a moment interaction diagram Excel spreadsheet are available for free download.

Learn more and purchase at www.concrete.org

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