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Colorado Commits $20 million to High Tech Transportation Solutions

Matt Ball on October 28, 2015 - in Corporate, Roads, Sensors

The Colorado Department of Transportation commits $20 million for a high tech project dubbed RoadX. Thesolution will deploy over the next 10 years.

What Is RoadX?

RoadX is Colorado’s bold commitment to our customers to be a national leader in using innovative technology to improve our transportation system.

It will be a rapid, fast-paced enterprise to frame how the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will build tomorrow—today. It will foster an environment where private industry has a direct pipeline to deploy technological solutions to transform an aging transportation system.

RoadX Vision: Transform Colorado’s transportation system into one of the safest and most reliable in the nation by harnessing emerging technology.

RoadX Mission: Partner with public and industry partners to make Colorado one of the most technologically advanced transportation systems in the nation, and a leader in safety and reliability.

Why Is Now the Time for RoadX?

Today we face several monumental challenges in our fundamental endeavor to make great achievements in travel. These include funding, safety & reliability, economic vitality and a vision for the future.

We are heirs to a system we don’t have the resources to adequately maintain, rebuild, or expand and we have learned—we cannot just build our way out of congestion.


How Will RoadX Be Implemented?

The RoadX program will employ a multi-pronged DO-IT (deployment, operations, innovation, technology) approach with the objective of being the most efficient, agile, and flexible system for bringing transportation technology to market. The RoadX program will implement several efforts along the DO-IT spectrum in 2016–18. CDOT plans to partner with private industry and others to deploy advanced technology to reduce the cost of transporting goods by 25%; to turn a rural state highway into a zero death road; and to improve congestion on Colorado’s critical corridors.

The Future of Transportation: RoadX

Colorado Is Open for Business: Colorado invites partners to join us in accelerating the adoption and deployment of technological solutions in five focus area—connect, transport, commute, safety and integrate.



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