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Long-term Transportation Funding Inches Forward

Matt Ball on October 23, 2015 - in Financial

The House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee passed the “Surface Transportation Reauthorization Reform Act (STRRA) of 2015,” in committee yesterday. H.R. 3736 would authorize $330 billion in transportation investments through 2021. It’s unclear if this bill will make it to the house before the short-term funding bill expires on Oct. 29.

The STRRA would provide dedicated funding for freight improvements, increase state flexibility in how federal funds are utilized, accelerate the delivery of transportation improvements through environmental review process reforms, and emphasize roadway infrastructure safety.

The Senate approved a similar long-term funding plan when they passed the DRIVE Act in July. The release of this House reauthorization plan makes a clear the commitment in both chambers to completing a multi-year surface transportation bill in 2015.

Read detailed analysis of STRAA via ARTBA here.

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