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The AIWW Conference Offers Integrated Solutions for Circular Economy and Resilient Cities

Matt Ball on October 23, 2015 - in Corporate, Water

The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) is the platform for new alliances and fresh ideas: connecting industry, science, business, policy and technology. The event crosses borders between water and sanitation, delta technology, food, agriculture, finance and governance. Thus bringing together a unique mix of professionals conducive to the transition to a circular economy and resilient cities.

Inspiring Track Specials
The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) combines three inspiring conference tracks:

Track 1 – Urban resilience & adaptation to climate change (resilient cities)
Track 2 – Urban utilities & the circular economy (urban utilities)
Track 3 – Sustainable production & industrial response: reduce, reuse and recover (industry)

In different leaders fora, interesting keynotes, workshops & sessions and excursions the AIWW conference will elaborate on these tracks, giving you hands on experience from worldwide experts. The themes are connected, giving professionals from different fields of expertise the unique opportunity to share ideas and insights.

Aquatech Amsterdam – Focus on industrial water use

Make sure you visit the (free of charge) Industrial User Experience at Aquatech Amsterdam, where industrial end users can see live product and technology presentations. Join networking sessions with other industrial water professionals and learn about the latest trends in the following industries: Oil & Gas (3 November), Food, Beverage & Paper (4 November), Chemical & Mining (5 November) and Utilities (6 November). Speakers will include Shell, Fluor Process Engineering, GdF Suez E&P, TOTAL, MARS, Paques, DOW Chemical and many more.

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