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New AVEVA Engage Redefines Engineering Decision Support

Admin on October 21, 2015 - in Modeling, Products, Project management

Dubai, UAE, Oct. 21, 2015—AVEVA today announced AVEVA Engage, a unique collaborative decision-support solution for capital projects and operating assets. It combines the power of instant access to a Digital Asset’s full contextually-integrated information with an impressively simple and entirely intuitive touch-driven interface, all visualised and navigable in a striking Ultra-High Definition (UHD) whole-model view. Part of AVEVA’s ‘Future of Decision Support’ programme, AVEVA Engage is bringing a new dimension to decision support for better, faster decisions across the life cycle.

AVEVA is committed to extending the ways in which its customers can access and interact with their Digital Assets, the information core of every project or operating asset. Entirely touch driven, and capable of running on the largest format touch screens, AVEVA Engage seamlessly combines powerful whole-model visualisation with immediate contextually-filtered access to validated, relevant documents and information. By putting the right information directly at the fingertips of decision makers, precisely when and where they need it, AVEVA customers can design, review, plan and execute work safely and efficiently.

‘AVEVA Engage redefines what is possible in engineering’, said Dave Wheeldon, CTO, AVEVA. ‘Delivering quality information through a highly intuitive interface, AVEVA Engage gives users immediate access to the wealth of resources within their Digital Asset. Simple and dynamic, its unrivalled touch user experience is both visually breathtaking and amazingly insightful when combined with the huge UHD touch-screen devices available today. Presenting information that resides in a Digital Asset in its full context is invaluable to EPCs and OOs. Early adoption of this technology has clearly demonstrated just how game-changing AVEVA Engage can be to our customers’ business.’

Mr Wheeldon continued, ‘Over the past six months, ten companies have enrolled on the Early Access Programme (EAP) across the oil & gas, power and mining sectors, taking a voyage with us to realise the full potential of our technology and to redefine the Future of Decision Support.’

Robert Samudio, Global Design/Drafting Manager, Shell New Orleans, who has worked with AVEVA on the development of AVEVA Engage, added, ‘We have worked with AVEVA for over 25 years in close partnership, creating outstanding and essential technologies, such as AVEVA Engage, that have driven our industry. With AVEVA we have pioneered touch-screen technology and the ability to use 3D models with other disciplines across global locations. We can use AVEVA Engage for collaboration, decision-making and safety. It will help us to deliver multi-billion dollar projects, setting industry benchmarks for quality, cost and speed. More importantly, it will change the way we work, our processes, our tools, our collaboration and the promise on how we deliver our projects. Our relationship with AVEVA is the best in the industry.’

‘AVEVA Engage reaffirms AVEVA’s position as a leader in the market by delivering innovation that solves real-world problems for our customers,’ added Richard Longdon, CEO, AVEVA. ‘The feedback we’ve received from our customers has been absolutely amazing. From the moment they step up to a large touch screen and begin engaging with the application, they instantly understand the benefits of AVEVA Engage. They are constantly suggesting new areas of their business that could benefit from this decision-support approach. Our mission is to create technology that is constantly pushing the boundaries of what our customers can achieve and AVEVA Engage is a fantastic example of what we can do by working together. With AVEVA Engage we are helping customers to truly realise their digital asset.’

For further information, please visit www.aveva.com/futureofdecisionsupport


For almost 50 years, AVEVA software has enabled the creation of some of the world’s most complex power and process plants, vessels and offshore facilities. AVEVA’s Digital Asset approach ensures there is always an accurate digital representation of each physical asset. This allows engineering contractors, Owner Operators and shipbuilders to work more safely, more efficiently and with less risk throughout the life cycle of their projects and operations. AVEVA is the proud winner of the Frost and Sullivan 2015 Global Engineering Information Management Solutions Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award. For further information please visit www.aveva.com/ednotes.

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