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Sizing Up the $1.5 Trillion State and Local Contracting Market

Matt Ball on October 5, 2015 - in Analysis, Corporate

The $1.5 trillion state, local and education (SLED) government contracting market is vast and fragmented, with five distinct levels of government and more than 90,000 purchasing entities. The market offers a huge opportunity but also poses an operational challenge to vendors seeking to compete and win profitable contracts.

The most successful vendors are leveraging comprehensive procurement data to build a disciplined, data-driven sales strategy. This strategy allows them to proactively plan out their volume of opportunities each year by level of government, industry and contract value. In our latest whitepaper, Sizing Up the $1.5 Trillion State & Local Contracting Market, Onvia helps vendors understand the dimensions and segments within this extensive market and consider the benefits of developing a growth strategy that will increase revenue and set their business apart from competitors.

Readers of this report will:

  • Discover how the SLED procurement market compares with the Federal market
  • Learn about bids & RFP activity by industry, agency type and contract value
  • Identify target markets to pursue within each level of government
  • Gain insight with an illustration of how to build an effective SLED market strategy

Begin building a successful SLED market strategy today by downloading the free report.

For more than 14 years Onvia has specialized in providing the insights government contractors and suppliers need in order to consistently win business in the SLED market.

– See more at: http://www.onvia.com/business-resources/white-papers/sizing-up-the-1.5-trillion-state-and-local-contracting-market#sthash.ThT8s5Li.dpuf

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