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Specification Section: Foundation Modeling and Materials

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The foundation is the start of all structural projects. There are many software tools to analyze and optimize this critical component, and there are many pre-engineered products that can be specified. These products are tuned to challenging conditions, such as liquefaction mitigation, uplift resistance and MSE wall applications. The software can help analyze conditions, and most manufacturers offer free consultation.

The Specification Section provides an ongoing resource that’s regularly updated online. If we missed your product, please submit your text and link to info at informedinfrastructure.com.


ASDIP Foundation is a suite of modules specifically dedicated to the design of concrete footings (based on the latest IBC/ACI 318 specifications) that greatly simplifies the time-consuming calculations in any structural-engineering office. Use ASDIP Foundation to design concrete spread, strap and combined footings.


STAAD Foundation

STAAD Foundation

Bentley Systems’ STAAD Foundation Advanced is a comprehensive foundation-design program that offers the ability to model complex or simple footings. Common foundations such as isolated footings, combined footings, strip footings, pile caps and mat foundations also can be designed for larger structures or using parametric wizards. It provides a streamlined workflow through its integration with STAAD.Pro and also can be used as a standalone program.


Computer & Structures’ SAFE software integrates every aspect of the engineering design process for concrete floor and foundation systems. Mats and foundations can include nonlinear uplift from the soil springs, and a nonlinear cracked analysis is available for slabs. Generating pattern surface loads is easily done by SAFE with an automated option.


IES VisualFoundation aids the design of complex mat footings. It automates much of the work involved in finite element modeling and takes care of the modeling details while you specify the locations, sizes and structural configuration of your foundation. The software will analyze with your loads to determine moments, shears, displacements and bearing pressures using FEA. Stability checks and punching-shear calculations are done automatically.


Ram Jack Foundation Solutions software is used in designing and implementing helical piles. The free software calculates the configuration needed for all soil types based on your inputs and compared against an online database that stores all projects created. It allows for multiple pile diameters and helix configurations, so the optimum pile can be chosen for the required loads.


RISA Foundation

RISA Foundation

RISA’s RISAFoundation helps solve and optimize all types of foundation systems, including mat foundations, grade beams, pile caps, retaining walls, isolated spread footings and combined footings. RISAFoundation integrates with RISA-3D and RISAFloor, providing a complete structural design solution. Automatic mesh generation, thick-plate modeling, and comprehensive rebar calculations and detailing are some of the software’s functions.


S-FRAME Software’s S-Foundation is an analysis and design software package for detailing  concrete foundations for numerous types with customizable parameters. You can view code results at any desired level of detail, and it outputs the underlying FEA foundation model. It links to S-FRAME Analysis to automatically merge model and result data.


Structure Point spMats

Structure Point spMats

Structure Point’s spMats is used for analysis, design and investigation of commercial building foundations, industrial mats and slab-on-grade construction. The boundary conditions can include underlying soil, nodal springs, piles, or translational and rotational nodal restraints. The resulting deflections, soil pressure and bending moments are computed and presented.



Empire Piers is a national helical-pile systems manufacturer working in residential, commercial and industrial markets. Helical Piles can be installed much faster than Caisson and other deep-foundation technologies. Fast installation saves time and money, with no curing time, weather delays and spoils to remove or remediate.


Earth Anchor

Earth Anchor

Foresight Products’ Manta Ray, Stingray and Duckbill are driven, tipping plate earth anchors for reaction of tensile loads. They are used as tiebacks for stabilization in new or rehabilitation construction, or they can add substantial uplift capacity, reducing or eliminating concrete requirements as part of a new structure foundation system. The company offers solutions for light to heavy capacity for a wide range of applications.




Geopier Foundation Company Inc. (GFC), a subsidiary of the Tensar International Corporation, is a design/build contractor specializing in the installation of rammed aggregate pier (RAP) systems for intermediate foundation solutions. GFC’s network of regional engineers work directly with the project team to develop project-specific design/build solutions for building foundation support, liquefaction mitigation and uplift resistance.


Hayward Baker Inc. is a large specialty foundation contractor with services ranging from micropiles and driven piles of low to high capacity, to vibro piers for when an aggregate pier solution is sought. In addition to foundation support elements, Hayward Baker also provides special services for foundation repair and protection as well as ground improvement for site pre-treatment.


Hubbell’s CHANCE and ATLAS brand systems for the civil construction market include the CHANCE Helical Pile System and Atlas Resistance Piers. Hubbell manufactures steel underpinning systems, resistance piers, tiebacks, soil screw systems, micropiles, custom anchoring systems, helical piles, decorative and streetlight foundations as well as power-installed steel earth anchors used by utilities and telecommunications companies.


Pearson Pilings manufactures fiberglass pilings for the marine construction industry as well as commercial and residential industries. The primary products are pipe piles in diameters of 8, 10, 12 and 14 inches with load-bearing capacities ranging up to 120 tons. Fiberglass has an advantage over wood, steel or concrete, because it won’t rust, rot or crumble.


Ram Jack Press PileRam Jack Foundation Solutions distributes steel pilings and helical piers, with more than 20 patented products and systems from more than 30 years of research and development. Its products are used by professionals in all aspects of residential, commercial and new construction foundation stabilization.


Simpson Strong-Tie manufactures a wide range of concrete connectors and anchors, straps and ties. Their Foundation Wall Angle (FWAZ) foundation anchors connect foundation or basement walls to the floor system to resist out-of-plane forces imposed by soil pressure.


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