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Drinkable Air Announces that Mike Penrod has Joined the Board of Directors

Matt Ball on October 1, 2015 - in People, Water

OAKLAND PARK, Fla., Oct. 1, 2015—Drinkable Air is a Company that manufactures Atmospheric Water Generators in the USA and distributes them throughout the world. The company today announced that Michael Penrod has agreed to join its Board of Directors and has taken the position of Director of Corporate Development.

Steve Kairis, President and CEO of Drinkable Air stated, “We are very excited and pleased to welcome Mike Penrod to the Drinkable Air team. His experience to help build the Nikki Beach brand worldwide is a valuable asset to the company. We look forward to working with him to expand our market presence.”

Mike Penrod added, “I am very proud to become a Board Member of Drinkable Air when the global demand for drinking water is on the increase. I hope to leverage my global contacts from the past thirteen plus years with Nikki Beach to bring the purest drinking water to the masses. A recently published article stated that 52% of the United States is under drought conditions. I believe the time is right for Drinkable Air’s technology and I am pleased to join the team to bring pure drinking water to the world.”

Mr. Penrod continued to add that, “What is exciting to me personally is the range of products Drinkable Air offers. I have personally experienced the convenience and efficiency of the Chameleon 8 Home and Office unit (The Office Water Cooler 2.0) and have witnessed the commercial units that will add to our explosive growth. Using my contacts in the hospitality industry, I believe that upcoming resorts will see the need to have their air conditioning units able to create free fresh drinking water. I look forward to the opportunity to make this a reality.”

Al Szur Chairman of the Board concluded, “We continue to increase sales and knowledge of our products in the market place. As we grow, it is imperative that we add quality members to our team. It is a pleasure to welcome Mr. Penrod to the Board of Directors of Drinkable Air. His vision, experience, and work ethic make him a valuable addition. We look forward to developing a cohesive business model that incorporates Mike’s strengths over numerous industries as well as utilizing his contacts to fund our growth.

About Drinkable-Air, Inc.

Drinkable Air, Inc. (a Florida corporation) offers to the U.S. and international markets atmospheric water generators (“AWG”) which will enable people to enjoy pure, 99.9% clean water. The water supply is obtained from the humidity in the air and condensed, processed, and purified through a patented process. Drinkable Air’s Chameleon line of AWG’s is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to the world’s ever-growing need for pure, clean drinking water. They are also part owners of the Green Ozonator patent and patent pending applications.

WEBSITE: www.drinkableair.com

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