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Mayrise Maps Cardiff’s Highway Lines and Signs

Matt Ball on September 5, 2012 - in Corporate, Transportation

UK local authority Cardiff Council is pioneering the use of software from Mayrise Systems to improve the management of road lines and signs within the Welsh capital. Impressed by the functionality of MAYRISE Street Lighting software used by colleagues, the team responsible for road markings and highway signage began exploring options for its wider use.

“Working alongside the street lighting team, in the same office, we were aware of the software they used and were impressed with its capabilities,” commented Clare Nicholls of Cardiff Council’s Lines and Signs Team. “A simple adaption of the software has allowed us to automate many of the day to day processes we undertake, such as raising works orders and issuing site / supervisor tickets, and we are working with Mayrise to realise some of our additional requirements.”
Cardiff Council are using the system to raise lines and signs works orders and issue tickets to the workforce and to price jobs using a schedule of rates. The Council would like to roll out the use of the system in order to create a full lines and signs inventory within the integrated mapping module MapNow, collate detailed asset histories and produce customised reports relating to orders raised.  The system can link to corporate GIS and portable computers for field data entry and mapping.

Mark Clarke, Managing Director of Mayrise Systems commented, “Although originally designed to manage street lighting our software can be used for other types of asset inventory and management with some fairly simple tweaks. By working with Cardiff we can fully understand the needs of the Lines and Signs team and help develop a solution that meets their specific requirements and hopefully the requirements of other organisations.”

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