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Denver Water Explores Aquifer Storage Options

Matt Ball on September 30, 2015 - in Corporate, Planning, Water

Denver Water is drilling four test boreholes into the Denver Basin to examine the feasibility of Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR). ASR is the injection of treated, potable water into an aquifer for later recovery and use. Many liken the concept to a savings account at a bank—water is injected (deposited) during wet years and stored indefinitely. During drought years, water is extracted (withdrawn) to supplement supplies.

Denver water is exploring how ASR may contribute to delivering high-quality drinking water for customers far into the future. The process would be far cheaper than building above-ground storage and would ensure that in wet years the water boards aren’t faced with “fill and spill” of reservoirs, instead storing that excess for future use.

There are several sites that have been chosen for exploratory boreholes where data is being collected about existing conditions. These wells will be capped and site returned to existing conditions once the data collection is done.


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