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New Solutions to Concrete Testing Challenges

Matt Ball on September 24, 2015 - in Construction, Corporate, Structural components

According to the authors of a recent article on concrete testing in ACI’s Concrete International magazine, improving the quality of concrete testing can be achieved by stressing education and quality.

Improving the Quality of Concrete Testing” discusses an innovative program named “Test Fest” that encourages technicians to self-assess competency and improve proficiency. The Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association (CRMCA) testing program provides an opportunity for technicians and laboratories to compare their concrete test results versus the average of many technicians and laboratories. The authors believe that the program is a valuable introspection and educational exercise, and if implemented by testing agencies, should improve the quality of concrete testing.

Their recommendations to further improve concrete testing include:

    • Producers and their local associations to educate contractors, design professionals, and testing agencies by offering lunch-and-learn seminars
    • Communicate the importance of the specifications for quality assurance in ACI 301-10 Specifications for Structural Concrete
    • Emphasize the importance of pre-construction conferences
    • Encouraging in-house Test Fests
    • Insist on strict compliance with ASTM standards
    • Monitor and compare test data

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