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MWMO Stormwater Park and Learning Center Opens

Matt Ball on September 18, 2015 - in Corporate, Stormwater

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) will open its Stormwater Park and Learning Center this Saturday. The new park aims to educate the public about what happens to stormwater that runs off buildings and pavement when it rains or snows.

MWMO is one of three dozen watershed organizations in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Its boundaries include the Mississippi River as it runs through Minneapolis, as well as the land that drains to the river. The MWMO contains portions of the cities of Lauderdale, Minneapolis, the City of Saint Anthony Village, Saint Paul, Fridley, Columbia Heights, and all of Hilltop. The final member of the MWMO is the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

MWMO’s new headquarters on the Mississippi River includes a green roof, as well as different stormwater filtering installations to ensure that the water entering the river at the facility is clean. The problem with stormwater is that it picks up things like trash, fertilizer, leaves and plants that contain pollutants, especially nutrients like phosphorus. Nutrients contribute to excess algae growth in lakes, which can harm water quality and hurt native ecosystems.

Join us in celebrating the completion of our new Stormwater Park and Learning Center in Northeast Minneapolis. Take a walk through a transformed landscape that saves, reuses and cleans stormwater. Then, tour our community facility featuring interactive displays and exhibits.



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