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Omaha’s $2B Stormwater Project Progresses

Matt Ball on September 15, 2015 - in Construction, Projects, Stormwater

Omaha is well underway on a $2B stormwater project to meet federal water quality standards for the wastewater the city releases into the Missouri River. The current system is often overwhelmed by stormwater, resulting in a discharge of untreated sewage into the the river.

The city is currently coordinating the construction of stormwater retention at Spring Lake Park in South Omaha to hold rainwater that will be slowly released into the city’s combined sewers. This component was fast tracked in order to meet the schedule of a new $2,9 million bike trail extension that will connect the South Omaha Trail to the Keystone Train network.

The chambers are a small part of the overall plan that includes sewer separation, high rate treatment plants, a stormwater conveyance sewer and deep tunnel and underground storage tanks. The program is being paid for by residential, commercial and industrial ratepayers in the Omaha metro and suburban communities who use the regional sewer system.

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